Upside Down in Down Under

New year, new me? I don't know how I feel about quick fixes but I do know that travelling has already taken a toll on me.

Australia is an absolutely wonderful country, but what no one tells you about travelling is how it can change you as a person.

Coming out here I have to admit has had a real toll on me, my relationships, and my dreams for the future. Most of the time I have been left feeling lost, confused and rather insignificant in this brilliant and wondrous place.

I have been yearning for new types of connections, both with others and myself. I have put poor significant through the mill and back, and I haven't been kind to myself.

It's not anything unusual either. Spending late nights chatting with so many other travellers has made me very aware of how important it is to be selfish when travelling. Number 1 first. It's hard, finding a balance between putting yourself before others without leaving marks. It is a tricky path that one must learn to meander when one chooses to travel.

It's also hard when you wake up and decide to be someone new that day. I want to be a musician, I want to get drunk, I want to feel pretty, I want to learn, I want to be alone, I want to stay here and never come out.. I want something but I don't know what it is yet.

You end up trying on all these jumbled feelings that are part of who you are, meeting so many different individuals who leave their delicate marks upon your being along the way and who have a direct effect on who you will decide to wake up as tomorrow.

It is overwhelming, particularly for an over thinker like me. I like to compare myself to an old star. Looks good from a distance, fitting in with all the other stars out there.. but really imploding and self destructing so silently that no one can really see unless they're right close up.

And that's okay. That is completely fine because I will learn. Each day I will learn to love harder, feel better and grow stronger. I will make mistakes, but they will be better mistakes. I will do stupid things and probably laugh and cry, but at least they will be my lessons.

I will just embrace this lost feeling, this feeling of being completely upside down, until I don't feel like that anymore.

I will embrace this wondrous mess that is travelling the unknown.

Bundaberg Sunrise, QLD Australia - Darcy Dionyves 

D x



I Think I'm in Haven

After our awesome trip to Fraser Island (check it out here), we travelled northbound to Airlie Beach.

Seriously, no one warns you about just how long the bus journey is. It is so unbelievably long and painful and horrible, totally worth it, but so so painful. In Aus you have two choices of coach. Cramped without plugs or wifi (Premier), or cramped with plugs and wifi, which is double the price (Greyhound).

So after considering our options we spent our 17 hour journey from Rainbow Beach with little phone use, little food (try to be vegetarian without a packed lunch on the road, it is awful) and really sore arses.

Magnums, the hostel we stayed in Airlie has got to be the best complex I have seen so far. The cheapest rooms are still spacious and light. Each room had a balcony and en-suite, so no more sharing with 50 or so other people. They also have these really cute bungalows and private houses to rent, if you're looking for something a little more luxurious.

Our location was just a stone throw away from all our amenities, with the supermarket, pubs, lagoon and sea just down the way.

Okay Okay so who cares, you're here to read about the boat trip to Whitsundays!

We were given an array of boats to choose from, rated from 'Party Boat' all the way down to 'Chill Boat'. We decided to go with something that provided both, and booked our 3 day trip on the Tongarra.

We were greeted by the captain of the boat at midday, ready to set out to sea. A group of about 20 of us were ready with our bags and cozzies to spend the next two nights at sea.

Rule one, no shoes on the boat. Rule two, no jumping into any shark infested water, Rule three, drink, be merry, and enjoy the atmosphere!

The first night we sailed out to a nice cove between two islands. There we drank, chatted and enjoyed watching the fish until the sun went down. From there we laid our tispy selves down and gazed at the stars, I honestly didn't expect such a wondrous sight as that. It is there on the deck under a canopy that we all slept, one big sleepover!

The next day, we were woken up nice and early (and half hanging) to head over to Whitsundays. The weather wasn't at its best but we didn't particularly mind because the views were still breathtaking.

The sand at the Whitsundays is unique, not only due to the ever changing patterns it creates in the shallow waters, but because it is the purest in the world. The beautiful white powder is 98% pure silica, and the Whitehaven beach runs 7km along Whitsundays Island.

The water is so clear that you can see fish dart about your feet. The rocks and small dunes provide a brilliant lookout point.  We spent a few hours on the Whitsundays, enjoying the little sun we could get, avoiding the horrible March Flies and goofing around on the beach together. When we returned to the boat that evening we played games and dived off the side of the boat as the sun set behind us. I wished on a dozen shooting stars that night.

The last day of our trip, we went to the edge of the great barrier reef. It is a truly magical experience, though it is a shame to see something that is so close to dying. The vast array of marine life supplies hours of entertainment. Definitely one to tick off the bucket list.

All in all, the trip was absolutely 100% worth it. Though similar in its theme to Fraser Island, the Whitsundays tour provided a very different experience, due to the three day boating trip.

After our little adventure, we headed back down to Brisbane to spend a week with our friends before departing to begin the dreaded farmwork.

The Airlie Beach Lagoon
Enjoying Whitehaven Beach

Alex at Whitehaven

Some of the views from the Tongarra

Tongarra Deck, photo by Danny Phen

Me and Alex on the Tongarra, taken by Danny Phen

Top Deck on the Tongarra, taken by Danny Phen

Building a human pyramid on Whitehaven Beach photo by Danny Phen

We made it! Photo by Danny Phen
Tongarra sign, guess which one is me! Photo by Danny Phen



K'gari, I love you.

Australia has so far been absolutely wonderful. The trees, the eternal sunshine, the wildlife... what is not to love?

I have been so inspired, after such a long time of playing 'grown up', I can finally find  beauty in even the smallest things. Such a privilege.

After spending 6 weeks in the most awesome city that is Brisbane, I decided to travel north along the eastern coast to a place called Rainbow beach.

There you'll find a popular hostel called dingos, which hosts the most awesome trips to Fraser Island. It's an immersive three day tour of some of the islands most iconic sites, including McEnzie Lake, Indian Head and Eli Creek.

The one thing I found absolutely wonderful was the history and culture that we were presented with each day.

Fraser Island was formally called K'gari by the indigenous Butchella people that still reside there (Historians have found proof that the tribe survived there up to 5000 years ago before the European settlers came in the 1840's).The history of the island before the European invasion is rich and plentiful, hopeful and honourable.

On K'gari (meaning paradise) three lores of the indigenous people are followed:

What's good for the land comes first.
Do not take or touch anything that does not belong to you.
If you have plenty you must share.

At night we got to go exploring at the waters edge, where we saw beautiful glow worms in the sand. On our many rides we boomed out wicked summer music (courtesy of Alex, my fella) and look out to the ocean to watch the whales dance as they migrate. We even got to go up to Indian Head (where the Butchella Tribe were first seen looking out to sea) and watch the sharks, turtles, sting ray and dolphins below.

Fraser Island/ K'gari is definitely one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and well worth a visit. No wonder this place is on the Australian Natural Heritage List. With over 100 freshwater lakes, sand deserts, an iconic shipwreck and absolutely stunning wildlife, I genuinely think you could never run out of things to discover. Plus, the Island now belongs once again to the Butchella people. In addition, the Aussies who know the island well are convinced that like other Australian landmarks before it, Fraser Islands name will be reverted.

At night, we got to sit around a campfire drinking, playing games and dancing. One of our group brought a guitar to sing along too. Dingos also provided food for us to cook as a group.

Our tour guides, Jonesy and his kid nephew Dominic were absolutely awesome. Although I still can't tell if Jonesy was off his face or just loving life, his cheeky and laid back attitude absolutely made the trip.

If you're considering going, what are you waiting for? If you can drive then go rent a four wheel drive NOW! Otherwise book with Dingos for the best experience of your life.

Until we meet again K'gari,

D x

S.S Maheno Shipwreck

The Pinnacles

Our awesome car from our Dingos booked Trip

The Butchella People in traditional body art after an awesome performance

Whale Bones, they were MASSIVE!
Getting shotgun on a sunset beautiful beach drive

The whole group from the Dingos Tour.
Me and the babe where Eli Creek meets the Ocean



I've Been Lost A While

Gold Coast, Aus 

I've been spending months trying to figure out what to do with this blog. For a year I relied on this blog to express, share and create. This is something I'm not only proud of, but something that makes me feel good.

So, when I came to Australia, I didn't quite think how hard it would be to do all the things I did before. I took it for granted, the clothes, the networking with other creatives, the city of London. Now I'm sitting on a creaky bunk bed in a hostel in an East Australian farming town, wondering what the hell I want to do next.

I have spent so long wondering what I am meant to write, partly scared to change the pattern, but I realised that I am on an amazing adventure and I have yet to share any of the details with you!

I have the privilege of backpacking in Australia. I am meeting awesome people every day and experience new and exciting things. I want to share all that with you. I will start with my previous journeys and then from then on I will keep you up to date, like I should have from the start!

There is beauty and creativity everywhere, it's just how you choose to perceive it. 
-Darcy Dionyves 

D x



WWW: Music and the LGBTQ Community

I am absolutely in love with some music videos on the scene recently.

Over the past few years, gender fluidity and sexuality has been explored more than ever before. Being able to actively express yourself is something I am very passionate about; I think it's important to display support of equality and diversity for all. Something that particularly tugs at my heart strings is the amount of same sex love that has been displayed in these fucking awesome music videos.

The LGBTQ community are constantly going from strength to strength, having their rights recognised and their voices heard. In 2001 the Netherlands became the first country to legalise same sex marraige. now 20 more countries have followed suit over the more recent years. Although it is so sad that there is still a lot of stigma towards same sex relationships and gender fluidity, its brilliant to witness how the support and acceptance of LGBTQ community is constantly growing and becoming more normalised.

I'll share with you with these three babes. I hope this is a trend that keeps on growing so it may continue to 'normalize' the most normal thing on earth, love.

Mura Masa - What if I Go?

This video is the sweetest darned thing, the couples are adorbs and I just love how cute and in love they all are. I appreciate the song too, it's a brilliant track. This is not the first time that Mura Masa's music has championed LGBTQ love, with other videos via Youtube page Wonderful Tunes also creating an awesome video demonstrating that love comes in many forms.

Troye Sivan ft Alessia Cara - Wild

This awesome video about love and relationships demonstrates the tender first moments, got me gooey! Openly gay Youtube sensation Troye Sivan uses his platform to positively reinforce and normalize LBGTQ relationships in mainstream media. His original video for the song Wild also depicted a homosexual couple in the battle of love, and this video for his new collaboration is equally awesome. The video's last scene caused a twitter hashtag trend with people in support saying #KeepOnKissing

Years & Years ft Tove Lo - Desire

Years & Years front singer released this video with a long statement explaining how this video came about, saying that "the majority of male musicians. whos Type A macho masculinity felt completely unrelatable. He then on to comment the way women are normally portrayed in music videos, adding that "I wanted to be sensual and seductive in my videos."

The creative industry is so powerful, especially in a world where most cultures rely so heavily on the use of social media. These displays of support for equality for all can reach further than ever before,

I hope these songs, videos and artists have made your day the way they made mine. If you know any more music videos that I should go watch, please send us a message or write a lovely comment.
D x
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