2016 : My New Years Resolutions

Good Afternoon guys,

So, I am super into making new goals, learning from past mistakes and bettering myself. Every year I get mega excited about the prospect of changing my life for the better, even if it's just a little. Of course as a person, one should be on the path of self discovery and growth every day, but something about New Years feels so fresh and new, like there's another chance to do things right.

Some people make their resolutions very specific, for example 'I want to stop biting my nails' or 'I want to visit Ibiza'. Some make really long lists too, small but effective goals that when achieved have a positive effect on that persons life. I spent a long part of my life living as if I was painting by numbers; everything was what was expected or advised, and I was too scared to diverge. For 2015 my one resolution was just do it. If I didn't like my job, leave. If I wanted to do something, I would go and do it. I didn't always follow this resolution as life is hard and we are all only human. But I did manage to take more control of my life, and hey presto, I even went and got a blog!

I have been thinking long and hard about my new years resolutions for 2016, and although my list isn't very long, I really feel it will make a positive change in my life. I wanted to share them with you and see what you guys think.

For the longest time I have been a complete walkover. I allow things to upset and consume me, and I allow everything to affect how I feel and ultimately how I conduct my life. Seriously, I am scared of everything! I think this has a really detrimental effect on my life because it holds me back from just doing things, as I constantly live in limbo, treading on eggshells and allowing myself to get hurt and walked all over. Not cool, it's got to stop!

I really value the relationships in my life, but I tend to put a lot of effort into the wrong people, neglecting those I love most. I must learn to prioritise those who are most important, and to do that I want to ensure I take the time to show them just how much I love them, and as often as possible!

I love creating, and for the longest time I was happy but I felt rather disconnected. All of a sudden I threw myself into art, music and finally blogging, and I have been so much happier. I feel like life has a real purpose again. I think as humans, we need to find a way to express ourselves, but due to responsibilities, we tend to put less important things on the back burner. It's a shame, I honestly think people would be a lot happier if they found a way to express themselves.

I am a home body. As mentioned before, I am also not the best at just doing things as ultimately I get overwhelmed. I think the best things in life happen if you just take a chance, so I really want to implement this little word in my life, so that I may have more experiences and adventures in life!

So, I really want to become proactive in 2016. I was more proactive than ever in 2015 but I still reckon I could do way more. I would like take a moment to blame Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, The Office US, Workaholics, Elementary, OITNB, the Vampire Diaries, Heroes and American Horror Story for stealing away so much of my precious time, I will not be so easy to seduce this time round!!

I hope I can keep up these new habits especially with a new job, lots of holidays and this blog all happening this year! I will use my trusty diary to keep me motivated! I will also try and be proactive with each of these resolutions and at the end of the year I will revisit them and see how they went.

What about you? What are your New Years Resolutions? Would love to know!


D x


Winter Greens: H&M

Photos by Eric Reichbaum

I feel like a luxurious wicked witch of the west in this outfit, seriously I feel FIERCE! This whole ensemble is from H&M and I am really impressed by the materials, colours and textures they have going this season!

Sparkly things are massive right now (if you didn't see my last post on how to rock sequins then click here), and this jumper is so stunning and only 14.99, which is insane! It has a beautiful drop hem and is lightly ribbed so it looks really expensive.

The coat! Don't even get me started on the coat. How stunning is it? The black and green mix within the (fake) fur is so amazing and adds to the texture and depth of this yeti of a coat. It's so warm as well, and would look awesome with any old pair of jeans because it makes it's own statement without being too loud.

Now, I am aware velvet has made it's way back onto the fashion scene. I like velvet but I am not a lover yet (the nineties really scarred me). This skirt which is also embellished with sequins (more sparkle!) and has a beautiful sheen to it that draws the eye in.

The clutch is also really cute and I am so happy I saw it. It's so little and flimsy and can jazz up any plain outfit! It's sold out now and also from H&M, so I will update this once it's available again as it's so cute, and I couldn't find anything similar!

I am loving winter so far, because in fashion you can play around a lot more with layering and textures, whereas in summer it's not such a variety. I really want to play around with textures and colour blocking this winter, so it should be fun!

I am so happy with these awesome photos, thank you so much Eric Reichbaum! Please check out his amazing work at ericreichbaum!
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Sequin Skirt Here
Sparkly Jumper (only 10.49!)Here
Fur Coat Here
Chelsea Boots Similar Here

D x



Phoebe Dhal is a ethical clothes designer and her charitable clothing line, Faircloth & Supply, is really wonderful.

This awesome and innovative project supplies a school uniform to a girl in a Nepal every time a purchase is made. This means that every single time you go and buy something, there is a girl out there getting her education and making something of herself. How beautiful and amazing is that?

Fairclothe & Supply aim to always posess an air of elegance and timelessness, with all clothes handcrafted from the finest linen. Inspirations stated on their website  include French basics and Japanese fabrics, and these qualities are captured in these staple wardrobe must haves. I particularly love how the items have an air of casual but smart, as if each item is a hybrid of both office and streetwear. Very aloof!

Faircloth & Supply has partnered with General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP) so that some children may have a better chance at life. There are currently 67 million children who aren't in school, and over 50% are girls. For a girl in Nepal, the education they recieve in school is vital as it impacts their future, including their health and the age at which they marry and have children. Through providing these girls with an education, the future of that region now has the possibility to further grow and develop into a safer and healthier place, giving them an opportunity of life beyond poverty. To date, GWP have changed the lives of 2000 girls, and their families.  Phoebe has made her vision a reality by working alongside GWP to make a better future for these young women.

D x



Sequins and Glitter

SEQUINS. ERMAGAWD SEQUINS. Vogue made me do it. Sequins are everywhere and I couldn't resist this little two piece which is from the forever21 aw15 collection. I have to admit it's pretty cool; it's all mix and match with different camis,skirts, dresses and trousers so that just about anyone can feel comfortable buying some embellished clothing.

I had to go for this two piece as it's kinda like a suit with the smart capri trousers. The top is also heavenly as it is really floaty and I totally didn't show it but the back has a slit in it, which is very me (getting a bit of naughty skin out whilst aiming to be as classy as possible). Annoyingly it's not available on line but there were loads in store so definitely have a look if you can!

I love the length and fit of these trousers as they could easily be worn with some trainers, a grunge tshirt and a boyfriend shirt. They are also awesome for the day to night look (that I so often have to find clothes for). 

And guys, the clutch is only £7.50.. 

Sequin top Similar Here or Here
Sequin Capri Pants Here
Silver Clutch Here
 Silver Shoes Here


If like me, you're a fan of sequins but are still finding it hard to encorporate them into your daily outfit because.. well, they're not your regular moto skinny jeans or baggy jumper, then I hope these three options help get your sparkly juices flowing so you can be ready to glitter in spite of the bitter winter cold!

Link to all items mentioned in Sequin Inspiration Here
I love sequins and I really want to try some new styles. I may head to H&M as their newest lines are lush with beautiful green and blue undertones.. kind of like a mermaid. I have been admiring mermaids a lot recently!

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D x



Seventies Stripes


This outfit gets me so excited about winter! I absolutely love that 70's vibe and this dress really emulates the colour scheme but still makes me feel mega sexy. As it's knitted it's also extremely warm, and it doesn't itch or ride up, which is perfect. 

The suede effect envelope clutch is a lovely burgundy shade. It is a great size because it's not cumbersome but it can fit all your essentials! I managed to nab the last one in store.. go me!

The lovely brown faux leather jacket from Dorothy Perkins is also amazing, and fits amazingly. It was such a good price and feels so luxurious, it sold out and I only bought it a week ago! The sleeves have zips on them so it makes it a little more modern, and it nips in at the waist so it's still really flattering! First brown jacket I've owned and I am converted!!

The shoes.. wow the shoes.. they are one of my wardrobe staples from the 2014 River Island new years sales and I don't know what I would do without them. They are really chunky and high with a lovely wooden effect and big black buckle.

I love playing around with influences and this outfit really made me feel special and different. My mum loves it too (;


Stripe jumper dress Here
Suede envelope bag Similar Here, Here, or in Navy Here
Chunky heels Similar Here, Here, Here or Here
Leather Jacket Similar Here or Here

D x



Wicked Women Wednesdays : M.I.A Raises her Voice for Refugees

I love it when when an individual uses their platform to raise awareness for global issues. I have so much respect for people who fight for a better world.

British musician M.I.A has released a new music video called Borders in which she tackles the very real and current refugee crisis.

Maya Arulpragasam is no stranger to tackling controversy, and this latest endeavour sees her brilliantly cast light on the individuals (predominantly depicted as men in her video) who are crossing air, land and sea seeking refuge.
double bubble trouble - M.I,A music video

Taking inspiration from her own childhood as a refugee, M.I.A poses the question, 'Whose life do you value?' Directing the video herself, M.I.A focuses not only on the individuals faces (highlighting their humanity), but she also reminded us of the sheer numbers that flee to far lands in hope of safety, by having the men representing refugees stand in a formation that resembles a boat, or climb a fence so that their positions spell out 'LIFE'.

A couple of stills from M.IA's controversial video Borders

The video has had mixed responses, with some arguing that she is using the situation for further exposure to her own art; the last time she created something quite so controversial her video was banned for cultural appropriation. M.I.A also had a video, 'Born Free', which depicted Gingers as an ethnic minority, who are targeted and killed. The Guardian wrote a great short article about this video and the many issues it highlights.

Born Free music video Still

I like to think that M.I.A is a generous and selfless woman who is both intelligent and daring when it comes to her art. She uses her talent to paint pictures of the world beyond our vision so that we may see past the naked eye. She is a fierce woman and I find her to be an awesome role model and voice for those who are not being heard.



Mermaid Metallics

I am totally in love with this outfit! I love this iridescent snakeskin clutch from Missguided, which was a steal at only £12! Party season is now fully upon us which means we must all prepare our wardrobes for the several events ahead of us! This outfit is so great because although the detailing is quite loud, the outfit is rather demure so it can be worn from the evening straight into the night!


The top is a great find from a Dutch company called The Sting. I love the floaty chiffon material, the side slits and the little built in crop top bralet which makes this top so easy to wear. It would also look fab with a pair of high waist jeans and chelsea boots!


The skirt was a stunning find from Topshop in last years sale. I absolutely love it because the iridecent material means that so many different colours can be matched to it including pink, green, white and silver. It is so beautiful, fun and yet still classy! 


The skirt and purse go so well together, this is outfit is making me want to go on a fancy dinner date! The way the skirt slightly shows through the chiffon top is so amazing, and the top is extremely elegant. I absolutely love thinking of new ways to layer my clothes, and this top makes layering so much fun!

I finished the outfit off with my trusty barely there silver heels from Missguided. They are stunning and comfortable and I have them in 8 different colours.. yes, eight. I collect shoes and there's no shame in that!

Snakeskin bag Here 
Chiffon Top Here
Iridescent skirt Similar Here and Here
Silver heels Here

D x


White Marble

Hey! I am absolutely LOVING this dress from Missguided! The material is amazing and thick and the black is almost 3D due to the stitching of the dress. I absolutely love plunge V necks and as this isn't too low you can still wear a bra (I checked just for you!)

I love white on white, and the marble effect edges up the classic look a little. I really enjoyed this outfit as the dress is rather sturdy and warm for winter and the Mango bag has an adjustable strap. I also love point shoes as they give an air of elegence and maturity to the playful outfit. 

White Clutch Bag Similar Here
White Point Shoes Similar Here
Marble Effect Dress Here
Nail Varnish Here

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Barbie: Breaking the Boundaries

Well hey there,

I am so excited to be discussing this with you guys. So, I'm pretty sure the majority of people reading this have played with a Barbie at some point in their life and I am also pretty sure we have all been witness to the criticism that Barbie has encountered over the years. Racism, ageism, size discrimination, sexism.. these are all things Barbie has been labelled as. So now, Barbie is challenging and changing these labels head on. YAY!

Recently Barbie released a new advert that brought a little sparkly tear to my eye. 


I love this advert. These young ladies nurture their dreams for the future through the famous doll. This brings back so many memories. I had over 100 barbies. Does that make me biased? These Barbies helped me dream of my future, One day I was an architect, the next, a pro surfer. I also had brief careers as a vet, a doctor, a nanny, a singer and a dancer. I really enjoyed it and I found this commercial really brought back memories of the childhood that Barbie played such an important part of.

Barbie creators Mattel have more recently teamed up with Moschino the clothing brand to create a limited edition doll, and the commercial to hit our screens has been ground-breaking. In its 56 years, this is the first time Barbie has included a boy in their adverts (and about bloody time if you ask me).

This trend follows major retailers including ToysRus, Target and the Let Toys be Toys campaign. It's a really exciting chapter for Barbie and I really think they have begun to escape the stereotypes that were holding them down. 

When you think Barbie couldn't be more proactive in their attempts to break the mould, Barbie also released a new doll following the racist comments Zendaya Coleman received on the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards.

Below is Zendaya's beautiful response on Instagram.

Now, with news of a Barbie film with Reese Witherspoon, I can see a very starry and pink future for Mattel's classic toy. 

D x
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