Field of Dreams

Sitting here on my poorly made bed I have come to realise that I am feeling a little stifled in the creative department. I have dabbled in many arty activities and yet here I sit, watching endless episodes of Vampire Diaries and Ugly Betty on Netflix whilst popping my nose in the occasional self help book feeling utterly useless. 

I love cats. I love sunshine, books, cups of tea and sugary treats. I love shoes, bags, headphones and long strolls. I enjoy long days and the feeling of achievement, and the company of my family and friends. 

I'm going to do more of all of that shit. It will be hard, brutal in fact as I am a hardcore quitter.. but I intend to break this nasty habit. After all, I am young, saving for a trip of a lifetime and in my prime (or so the self help books say).

Let's have an adventure eh. 

D x
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