Free The Nipple

Okay okay so I am  little late to this party, but none the less I wanted to comment. 

I have been eagerly following the #freethenipple campaign since Scout Willis paraded the streets of New York topless. I have long been a supporter of free nipples and bare chests. I grew up with a rather cool mother (I suppose some of you would use the word liberal, but I like to stick to cool, as it's more suitable). I hated clothes, so spent as little time as possible in them, and she was cool with that, in fact she is the one who taught me that, at the end of the day, a body is just a body.

She was a seventies kid, her parents were London hippies. I am pretty sure this laid the foundations for my mothers free thinking. At seventeen she and a friend paraded the streets topless for a day (until someone crashed their car, to which they responded by hastily covering themselves). Their reason for doing so? It was fucking hot, and that's it. That should be it, except when a woman presents bare skin to the public, we bizarrely respond by saying she is 'asking for it' (By the way, even legally speaking, if you lie in the middle of a crowded room naked with your legs open, you are STILL not asking for it, no matter what anybody says).

My nipples have a key purpose, to feed my future children. I am personally a massive boob appreciator, I think they are a beautiful feature of a woman's anatomy, but that does not make them dirty. I find it so hard to understand this weird concept that because they are sexually appealing to people that they are instantly inappropriate for anyone to see before watershed. It should be the way in which they are portrayed that is monitored- if we showed a little more acceptance to something so natural in our culture, I reckon it would remould the future generations to gain respect and appreciation for the human body. At the moment we are ashamed of it, using our physical attributes against one another and comparing body parts as if we were at a meat market.

I have to hand it to the luxury fashion industry, they are the only ones who have delved into the world of nudity as an appreciation of the human body rather than the sexualisation of it. I have seen many a nipple, but none, I feel, are for stimulation. They are simply part of the outfit. I have to stress here I am personally all for being sexualised, as well as using the body as an expression of art, my problem here is that our culture says it's not our choice.

Working for what feels like centuries in retail, I know all too well that men are absolutely fine getting changed in the middle of a store without anyone batting an eyelid, but as soon as a woman begins to undress, she becomes the speculation of the whole store. Why? The gents get to do it? Apparently it's distracting or considered indecent exposure. Like the whole breastfeeding-gate.. Oh no, don't get me started again! I'm gonna start getting my tits out more often, unfortunately I know I will receive a lot of negative attention.

 Anyways, food for thought, #freethenipple D x
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