Serena Williams: A Champion

Congratulations to Serena Williams for winning her sixth title at Wimbledon Tennis Tournament and her 21st Grand Slam!

Serena has made history, which isn't so bad for a comeback! Which makes it even more perturbing that something so inspiring has been met with both racist and sexist comments.

A man by the name 'Rob' responded to Serena's success on twitter by suggesting that 'the main reason for her success is that she is built like a man'. Can we take a moment to let that sink in? Serena is a strong, healthy and extremely fit woman, At what point do these physical attributes lend to a mans physique?

Comments like this are a regular occurrence in the sporting world unfortunately, and it's not the only time that Serena's physical appearance has been scrutinized. In response to her win at the French open in June, one individual took to twitter to express their 'opinion', stating that Serena "looks like a gorilla, and sounds like a gorilla when she grunts while hitting the ball. In conclusion, she is a gorilla". I can't even begin to respond to this racist, judgmental and completely degrading comment.

Poor Serena has been subjected this this sort of idiocy throughout her career (which unfortunately is completely expected if you live your life in the public eye). My favourite idiot is Matthew Norman- unfortunately his career has not suffered for writing this degrading piece for the online Telegraph back in 2006. His comments are so bizarre it's as if he has some sort of mixed fear-fascination with Williams' chest, as it seems to be the only thing he could write about!

'Can a woman, however talented, carry the equivalent of John Prescott and Nicholas Soames in her bra cups, and Scythe her way through a Grand Slam' Norman states on Serena's participation in the Australian Open in January 2006. 'Generally' he adds, 'I'm all for chunky sports stars... but tennis requires a mobility Serena cannot hope to achieve while lugging around breasts that are registered to vote in a different US state from the rest of her'.

I'm pretty sure Norman would defend his comments and label them 'controversial', but I just call it 'being a prick'.

One last piece I just have to share is written by A WOMAN. Yes, women can be sexist towards other women, and bless their poor little brains they don't even realise it. Amy Roberts for the Daily Mail Australia published a piece back in February that focused more the fact that Serena Williams wore spanx (SHOCK HORROR) than the fact that she was holding a whopping great trophy, and looking damn good doing it. Roberts does compliment Williams, stating that she 'has a to die-for physique' but added that 'even the world number one's sometimes need the help of Spanx to smooth out her killer curves'.

Now, I am all for celebrating the beauty of others, and I know this comment is to make other women feel better, but I just don't get it. If I wrote this piece, it would probably mention atleast a dozen times how awesome having a trophy that big is and how well it suits her! Am I wrong? I like to think I'm not the only one who feels this way, after all you wouldn't have reporters deliberating on David Beckham's underwear choice over his professional success!

Luckily we have loads of awesome people such as JK Rowling, Harry Potter author, who also feel Serena Williams has had enough. She took to twitter to respond to Rob (mentioned earlier) after she  also found the comment stupendous. Sharing Rob's comment to her 4.9 Million Twitter followers, JK tweeted a picture of Serena (below) adding, "Yeah, my husband looks just like this in a dress. You're an idiot,"

I like that response.. and once again Serena, Bravo for Wimbledon. Peace out, D x
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