We're all Different.

Wednesday saw this speech go viral as Caitlyn Jenner receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS 2015.

Jenner had spent the past few months undergoing extreme operations and hormone changes to become the woman she is today, with the support of her family and publicity (see earlier posts on Jenner's transformation).

Looking absolutely wonderful, Caitlyn moved many to tears as she opened up about her journey to womanhood. This eye opening speech gave transgender individuals a voice that perhaps they did not have before. Gracefully elaborating on the hardships that she herself has faced, Jenner elaborated on the importance of supporting one another through our hardships. Not only did she highlight the prejudice towards transgender individuals, but she also shed light on the importance of embracing being different. I think this is a message that is not spread nearly enough, and I respect Jenner for saying it and CNN for airing it and thus showing their support.

I try my best every day to be more accepting than the day I was before, as we are taught from such a young age by our culture to judge others based on their looks, materialistic objects, gender, race and behaviour. I have read such awful comments about this video, but none are about the message Jenner is trying to spread. Whether you feel that what she has done with her body is right or wrong, there is something in this speech that everyone can learn from. 

It is sad to think that people can't open their eyes to the wonder that is us, human beings. Caitlyn is right, we should all be here for each other, helping each other along through this meandering journey we call life. 

'we're all different, that's not a bad thing'. Caitlyn Jenner, 2015
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