Mermaid Metallics

I am totally in love with this outfit! I love this iridescent snakeskin clutch from Missguided, which was a steal at only £12! Party season is now fully upon us which means we must all prepare our wardrobes for the several events ahead of us! This outfit is so great because although the detailing is quite loud, the outfit is rather demure so it can be worn from the evening straight into the night!


The top is a great find from a Dutch company called The Sting. I love the floaty chiffon material, the side slits and the little built in crop top bralet which makes this top so easy to wear. It would also look fab with a pair of high waist jeans and chelsea boots!


The skirt was a stunning find from Topshop in last years sale. I absolutely love it because the iridecent material means that so many different colours can be matched to it including pink, green, white and silver. It is so beautiful, fun and yet still classy! 


The skirt and purse go so well together, this is outfit is making me want to go on a fancy dinner date! The way the skirt slightly shows through the chiffon top is so amazing, and the top is extremely elegant. I absolutely love thinking of new ways to layer my clothes, and this top makes layering so much fun!

I finished the outfit off with my trusty barely there silver heels from Missguided. They are stunning and comfortable and I have them in 8 different colours.. yes, eight. I collect shoes and there's no shame in that!

Snakeskin bag Here 
Chiffon Top Here
Iridescent skirt Similar Here and Here
Silver heels Here

D x


White Marble

Hey! I am absolutely LOVING this dress from Missguided! The material is amazing and thick and the black is almost 3D due to the stitching of the dress. I absolutely love plunge V necks and as this isn't too low you can still wear a bra (I checked just for you!)

I love white on white, and the marble effect edges up the classic look a little. I really enjoyed this outfit as the dress is rather sturdy and warm for winter and the Mango bag has an adjustable strap. I also love point shoes as they give an air of elegence and maturity to the playful outfit. 

White Clutch Bag Similar Here
White Point Shoes Similar Here
Marble Effect Dress Here
Nail Varnish Here

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Barbie: Breaking the Boundaries

Well hey there,

I am so excited to be discussing this with you guys. So, I'm pretty sure the majority of people reading this have played with a Barbie at some point in their life and I am also pretty sure we have all been witness to the criticism that Barbie has encountered over the years. Racism, ageism, size discrimination, sexism.. these are all things Barbie has been labelled as. So now, Barbie is challenging and changing these labels head on. YAY!

Recently Barbie released a new advert that brought a little sparkly tear to my eye. 


I love this advert. These young ladies nurture their dreams for the future through the famous doll. This brings back so many memories. I had over 100 barbies. Does that make me biased? These Barbies helped me dream of my future, One day I was an architect, the next, a pro surfer. I also had brief careers as a vet, a doctor, a nanny, a singer and a dancer. I really enjoyed it and I found this commercial really brought back memories of the childhood that Barbie played such an important part of.

Barbie creators Mattel have more recently teamed up with Moschino the clothing brand to create a limited edition doll, and the commercial to hit our screens has been ground-breaking. In its 56 years, this is the first time Barbie has included a boy in their adverts (and about bloody time if you ask me).

This trend follows major retailers including ToysRus, Target and the Let Toys be Toys campaign. It's a really exciting chapter for Barbie and I really think they have begun to escape the stereotypes that were holding them down. 

When you think Barbie couldn't be more proactive in their attempts to break the mould, Barbie also released a new doll following the racist comments Zendaya Coleman received on the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards.

Below is Zendaya's beautiful response on Instagram.

Now, with news of a Barbie film with Reese Witherspoon, I can see a very starry and pink future for Mattel's classic toy. 

D x


Tailored Sophistication

Absolutely in love with this Tux playsuit from Miss Selfridge! It's so sophisticated and elegent and still sexy. The belt detail is awesome with the gold trimming on the side tie. The outfit has a zip up the back and sinches in nicely around the waist. 

What I also appreciate as a big bummed lady is the fact that it fully covers my lady lump so that I could wear this to a formal event without having my bum cheeks hanging out! The lapels also have a slight satin-like sheen to them that add an element of extravagence. The chest has darting (a particular shape on the bust done by sewing) which is also flattering for both small and large chests.

To this outfit I added my Primark point heels which were a steal, and my red crocodile print clutch from last years French Connection sale. I absolutely love matching bags and shoes in an outfit, it seems old fashioned but it's a classic way of styling that will always look well put together. 

I also included my last season Topshop monochrome tweed blazer, which is a great way to stay warm and still stylish.

Would love all yout support, feedback and/ or shares! I can't wait to share so much more with you!

Tailored Playsuit Here
Tweed Jacket Similar Here
Red Clutch Similar Here
Red Heels Similar Here

D x



Cameo Lover

Hey guys,

Desperately trying to get some photos up to share my latest haul with you but for now I wanted to share my fave colour clash at the moment, blue and orange! 

All these items are last season and all classics that can be worn in so many ways. Each item is a real staple in my wardrobe and I absolutely love this look! 

It's great for anyone who (like me) enjoys looking at colour but isn't so great at actually wearing it! It's only two colours and I've done the classic pairing scheme with my outfit being one colour and my accessories being a contrasting colour. 

This skirt was from the sale in Topshop  year ago and it's great because it's edgy with its cameo print and drop hem, it rather elegant as it retains the it's classic pencil skirt fit. The bag was dirt cheap in the sale at French connection around the same time! 

I love colour pop bags as they can jazz up any outfit, and it's often the way I like to lift my overall look.

The shoes are Zara sale a few years ago. They are stunning and I also have them in electric blue! Colourful heels are like colourful bags- they change the whole look of an outfit and are a definite investment! The jumper is a New Look steal, and keeps me nice and warm yet looking stylish in this ghastly weather! 

You can get this look here, I've found similar items that would look really great (:

Blue Short Sleeve Jumper Similar Here
Orange Clutch Similar Here
Blue Pattern Skirt Similar Here
Orange Strap Heels Similar Here

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Holy Cow

So, with my birthday being tomorrow I really wanted to enjoy this last day of 21... But it's raining. Sad but not unsurprising for English weather. 

I've been chilling in these awesome Zara cow print trousers I got on eBay (what a steal) and my lovely baggy jumper from a Dutch shop called the Sting. 

I was also meant to spend a part of today posing in the garden to show you my fashion haul but yeah.. Did I mention it's raining? I should have had a plan b to be honest. 

Brb, brainstorming... In the mean time eat biscuits and drink tea on my behalf. 

D x


Getting ready...


Happy Friday! I am so excited, my orders from forever21, miss Selfridge, Missguided, Dorothy Perkins and hot mess have arrived! Lots of orders meaning lots of looks to share with you over the next few days..  It's massive haul so hopefully you'll like some of the bits I have! 

D x 


ARIANA GRANDE Wicked Women Wednesdays

 I'm sure by now you've all heard about Ariana Grande teaching the Dj's of radio station Power 106 what equality means! No? Well get listening.

Now, it takes me a while to become a fan, not because I don't appreciate talent (I really do) but everyone including the cats mother seems to be a celebrity now and it really takes a lot to show that you are willing to use that platform to make some positive changes in the world - yes even little changes! (queue references such as Anjelina Jolie, Leonardo Dicaprio, Akon...). 

In this recent interview, Ariana was posed with a decision; cell phone or makeup? Anyone see the issue with this question? Sexism. Big fat presumptuous sexism. Even when Ariana pointed out the flaw in this shallow question, they just chucked her into the 'girl' column and assumed she would change her tone. 

Not learning from their idiocy (which lets face it.. They shoulda learnt from!) they caused a perlava only moments later when Grande mentioned her adoration for the Iphones new unicorn emoji. Now, the update is pretty damn cute, but with one breathy comment, these imboceles once again subjected this poor lady to their presumtious gender appropriations. 'Girls', one host mumbled. GIRLS? Yeah, Ariana jumped at horror at this second ignorant comment and simply reminded them that real men like unicorns too. Which is true, unicorns are awesome. 

*Claps* well done chick for restoring balance and teaching these nitwits a lesson they quite clearly needed.

D x



Tonight, we have witnessed terrible violence in Paris.  120 lives so far have been lost as the tragedy continues to unravel. Forced to close it's borders, France has declared a national state of emergency.

The actions of those who have stolen so many lives must not be given in to. Strenth belongs to us and we only give it if we choose. Instead of giving into the divide, instead of submissing to the anger and violence, we must stand in solidarity and say no, we cannot be broken; as humans we unite.

D x
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