Barbie: Breaking the Boundaries

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I am so excited to be discussing this with you guys. So, I'm pretty sure the majority of people reading this have played with a Barbie at some point in their life and I am also pretty sure we have all been witness to the criticism that Barbie has encountered over the years. Racism, ageism, size discrimination, sexism.. these are all things Barbie has been labelled as. So now, Barbie is challenging and changing these labels head on. YAY!

Recently Barbie released a new advert that brought a little sparkly tear to my eye. 


I love this advert. These young ladies nurture their dreams for the future through the famous doll. This brings back so many memories. I had over 100 barbies. Does that make me biased? These Barbies helped me dream of my future, One day I was an architect, the next, a pro surfer. I also had brief careers as a vet, a doctor, a nanny, a singer and a dancer. I really enjoyed it and I found this commercial really brought back memories of the childhood that Barbie played such an important part of.

Barbie creators Mattel have more recently teamed up with Moschino the clothing brand to create a limited edition doll, and the commercial to hit our screens has been ground-breaking. In its 56 years, this is the first time Barbie has included a boy in their adverts (and about bloody time if you ask me).

This trend follows major retailers including ToysRus, Target and the Let Toys be Toys campaign. It's a really exciting chapter for Barbie and I really think they have begun to escape the stereotypes that were holding them down. 

When you think Barbie couldn't be more proactive in their attempts to break the mould, Barbie also released a new doll following the racist comments Zendaya Coleman received on the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards.

Below is Zendaya's beautiful response on Instagram.

Now, with news of a Barbie film with Reese Witherspoon, I can see a very starry and pink future for Mattel's classic toy. 

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