ARIANA GRANDE Wicked Women Wednesdays

 I'm sure by now you've all heard about Ariana Grande teaching the Dj's of radio station Power 106 what equality means! No? Well get listening.

Now, it takes me a while to become a fan, not because I don't appreciate talent (I really do) but everyone including the cats mother seems to be a celebrity now and it really takes a lot to show that you are willing to use that platform to make some positive changes in the world - yes even little changes! (queue references such as Anjelina Jolie, Leonardo Dicaprio, Akon...). 

In this recent interview, Ariana was posed with a decision; cell phone or makeup? Anyone see the issue with this question? Sexism. Big fat presumptuous sexism. Even when Ariana pointed out the flaw in this shallow question, they just chucked her into the 'girl' column and assumed she would change her tone. 

Not learning from their idiocy (which lets face it.. They shoulda learnt from!) they caused a perlava only moments later when Grande mentioned her adoration for the Iphones new unicorn emoji. Now, the update is pretty damn cute, but with one breathy comment, these imboceles once again subjected this poor lady to their presumtious gender appropriations. 'Girls', one host mumbled. GIRLS? Yeah, Ariana jumped at horror at this second ignorant comment and simply reminded them that real men like unicorns too. Which is true, unicorns are awesome. 

*Claps* well done chick for restoring balance and teaching these nitwits a lesson they quite clearly needed.

D x
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