Sequins and Glitter

SEQUINS. ERMAGAWD SEQUINS. Vogue made me do it. Sequins are everywhere and I couldn't resist this little two piece which is from the forever21 aw15 collection. I have to admit it's pretty cool; it's all mix and match with different camis,skirts, dresses and trousers so that just about anyone can feel comfortable buying some embellished clothing.

I had to go for this two piece as it's kinda like a suit with the smart capri trousers. The top is also heavenly as it is really floaty and I totally didn't show it but the back has a slit in it, which is very me (getting a bit of naughty skin out whilst aiming to be as classy as possible). Annoyingly it's not available on line but there were loads in store so definitely have a look if you can!

I love the length and fit of these trousers as they could easily be worn with some trainers, a grunge tshirt and a boyfriend shirt. They are also awesome for the day to night look (that I so often have to find clothes for). 

And guys, the clutch is only £7.50.. 

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If like me, you're a fan of sequins but are still finding it hard to encorporate them into your daily outfit because.. well, they're not your regular moto skinny jeans or baggy jumper, then I hope these three options help get your sparkly juices flowing so you can be ready to glitter in spite of the bitter winter cold!

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I love sequins and I really want to try some new styles. I may head to H&M as their newest lines are lush with beautiful green and blue undertones.. kind of like a mermaid. I have been admiring mermaids a lot recently!

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