Wicked Women Wednesdays : M.I.A Raises her Voice for Refugees

I love it when when an individual uses their platform to raise awareness for global issues. I have so much respect for people who fight for a better world.

British musician M.I.A has released a new music video called Borders in which she tackles the very real and current refugee crisis.

Maya Arulpragasam is no stranger to tackling controversy, and this latest endeavour sees her brilliantly cast light on the individuals (predominantly depicted as men in her video) who are crossing air, land and sea seeking refuge.
double bubble trouble - M.I,A music video

Taking inspiration from her own childhood as a refugee, M.I.A poses the question, 'Whose life do you value?' Directing the video herself, M.I.A focuses not only on the individuals faces (highlighting their humanity), but she also reminded us of the sheer numbers that flee to far lands in hope of safety, by having the men representing refugees stand in a formation that resembles a boat, or climb a fence so that their positions spell out 'LIFE'.

A couple of stills from M.IA's controversial video Borders

The video has had mixed responses, with some arguing that she is using the situation for further exposure to her own art; the last time she created something quite so controversial her video was banned for cultural appropriation. M.I.A also had a video, 'Born Free', which depicted Gingers as an ethnic minority, who are targeted and killed. The Guardian wrote a great short article about this video and the many issues it highlights.

Born Free music video Still

I like to think that M.I.A is a generous and selfless woman who is both intelligent and daring when it comes to her art. She uses her talent to paint pictures of the world beyond our vision so that we may see past the naked eye. She is a fierce woman and I find her to be an awesome role model and voice for those who are not being heard.

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