Phoebe Dhal is a ethical clothes designer and her charitable clothing line, Faircloth & Supply, is really wonderful.

This awesome and innovative project supplies a school uniform to a girl in a Nepal every time a purchase is made. This means that every single time you go and buy something, there is a girl out there getting her education and making something of herself. How beautiful and amazing is that?

Fairclothe & Supply aim to always posess an air of elegance and timelessness, with all clothes handcrafted from the finest linen. Inspirations stated on their website  include French basics and Japanese fabrics, and these qualities are captured in these staple wardrobe must haves. I particularly love how the items have an air of casual but smart, as if each item is a hybrid of both office and streetwear. Very aloof!

Faircloth & Supply has partnered with General Welfare Pratisthan (GWP) so that some children may have a better chance at life. There are currently 67 million children who aren't in school, and over 50% are girls. For a girl in Nepal, the education they recieve in school is vital as it impacts their future, including their health and the age at which they marry and have children. Through providing these girls with an education, the future of that region now has the possibility to further grow and develop into a safer and healthier place, giving them an opportunity of life beyond poverty. To date, GWP have changed the lives of 2000 girls, and their families.  Phoebe has made her vision a reality by working alongside GWP to make a better future for these young women.

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