Winter Greens: H&M

Photos by Eric Reichbaum

I feel like a luxurious wicked witch of the west in this outfit, seriously I feel FIERCE! This whole ensemble is from H&M and I am really impressed by the materials, colours and textures they have going this season!

Sparkly things are massive right now (if you didn't see my last post on how to rock sequins then click here), and this jumper is so stunning and only 14.99, which is insane! It has a beautiful drop hem and is lightly ribbed so it looks really expensive.

The coat! Don't even get me started on the coat. How stunning is it? The black and green mix within the (fake) fur is so amazing and adds to the texture and depth of this yeti of a coat. It's so warm as well, and would look awesome with any old pair of jeans because it makes it's own statement without being too loud.

Now, I am aware velvet has made it's way back onto the fashion scene. I like velvet but I am not a lover yet (the nineties really scarred me). This skirt which is also embellished with sequins (more sparkle!) and has a beautiful sheen to it that draws the eye in.

The clutch is also really cute and I am so happy I saw it. It's so little and flimsy and can jazz up any plain outfit! It's sold out now and also from H&M, so I will update this once it's available again as it's so cute, and I couldn't find anything similar!

I am loving winter so far, because in fashion you can play around a lot more with layering and textures, whereas in summer it's not such a variety. I really want to play around with textures and colour blocking this winter, so it should be fun!

I am so happy with these awesome photos, thank you so much Eric Reichbaum! Please check out his amazing work at ericreichbaum!
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