I Think I'm in Haven

After our awesome trip to Fraser Island (check it out here), we travelled northbound to Airlie Beach.

Seriously, no one warns you about just how long the bus journey is. It is so unbelievably long and painful and horrible, totally worth it, but so so painful. In Aus you have two choices of coach. Cramped without plugs or wifi (Premier), or cramped with plugs and wifi, which is double the price (Greyhound).

So after considering our options we spent our 17 hour journey from Rainbow Beach with little phone use, little food (try to be vegetarian without a packed lunch on the road, it is awful) and really sore arses.

Magnums, the hostel we stayed in Airlie has got to be the best complex I have seen so far. The cheapest rooms are still spacious and light. Each room had a balcony and en-suite, so no more sharing with 50 or so other people. They also have these really cute bungalows and private houses to rent, if you're looking for something a little more luxurious.

Our location was just a stone throw away from all our amenities, with the supermarket, pubs, lagoon and sea just down the way.

Okay Okay so who cares, you're here to read about the boat trip to Whitsundays!

We were given an array of boats to choose from, rated from 'Party Boat' all the way down to 'Chill Boat'. We decided to go with something that provided both, and booked our 3 day trip on the Tongarra.

We were greeted by the captain of the boat at midday, ready to set out to sea. A group of about 20 of us were ready with our bags and cozzies to spend the next two nights at sea.

Rule one, no shoes on the boat. Rule two, no jumping into any shark infested water, Rule three, drink, be merry, and enjoy the atmosphere!

The first night we sailed out to a nice cove between two islands. There we drank, chatted and enjoyed watching the fish until the sun went down. From there we laid our tispy selves down and gazed at the stars, I honestly didn't expect such a wondrous sight as that. It is there on the deck under a canopy that we all slept, one big sleepover!

The next day, we were woken up nice and early (and half hanging) to head over to Whitsundays. The weather wasn't at its best but we didn't particularly mind because the views were still breathtaking.

The sand at the Whitsundays is unique, not only due to the ever changing patterns it creates in the shallow waters, but because it is the purest in the world. The beautiful white powder is 98% pure silica, and the Whitehaven beach runs 7km along Whitsundays Island.

The water is so clear that you can see fish dart about your feet. The rocks and small dunes provide a brilliant lookout point.  We spent a few hours on the Whitsundays, enjoying the little sun we could get, avoiding the horrible March Flies and goofing around on the beach together. When we returned to the boat that evening we played games and dived off the side of the boat as the sun set behind us. I wished on a dozen shooting stars that night.

The last day of our trip, we went to the edge of the great barrier reef. It is a truly magical experience, though it is a shame to see something that is so close to dying. The vast array of marine life supplies hours of entertainment. Definitely one to tick off the bucket list.

All in all, the trip was absolutely 100% worth it. Though similar in its theme to Fraser Island, the Whitsundays tour provided a very different experience, due to the three day boating trip.

After our little adventure, we headed back down to Brisbane to spend a week with our friends before departing to begin the dreaded farmwork.

The Airlie Beach Lagoon
Enjoying Whitehaven Beach

Alex at Whitehaven

Some of the views from the Tongarra

Tongarra Deck, photo by Danny Phen

Me and Alex on the Tongarra, taken by Danny Phen

Top Deck on the Tongarra, taken by Danny Phen

Building a human pyramid on Whitehaven Beach photo by Danny Phen

We made it! Photo by Danny Phen
Tongarra sign, guess which one is me! Photo by Danny Phen



K'gari, I love you.

Australia has so far been absolutely wonderful. The trees, the eternal sunshine, the wildlife... what is not to love?

I have been so inspired, after such a long time of playing 'grown up', I can finally find  beauty in even the smallest things. Such a privilege.

After spending 6 weeks in the most awesome city that is Brisbane, I decided to travel north along the eastern coast to a place called Rainbow beach.

There you'll find a popular hostel called dingos, which hosts the most awesome trips to Fraser Island. It's an immersive three day tour of some of the islands most iconic sites, including McEnzie Lake, Indian Head and Eli Creek.

The one thing I found absolutely wonderful was the history and culture that we were presented with each day.

Fraser Island was formally called K'gari by the indigenous Butchella people that still reside there (Historians have found proof that the tribe survived there up to 5000 years ago before the European settlers came in the 1840's).The history of the island before the European invasion is rich and plentiful, hopeful and honourable.

On K'gari (meaning paradise) three lores of the indigenous people are followed:

What's good for the land comes first.
Do not take or touch anything that does not belong to you.
If you have plenty you must share.

At night we got to go exploring at the waters edge, where we saw beautiful glow worms in the sand. On our many rides we boomed out wicked summer music (courtesy of Alex, my fella) and look out to the ocean to watch the whales dance as they migrate. We even got to go up to Indian Head (where the Butchella Tribe were first seen looking out to sea) and watch the sharks, turtles, sting ray and dolphins below.

Fraser Island/ K'gari is definitely one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and well worth a visit. No wonder this place is on the Australian Natural Heritage List. With over 100 freshwater lakes, sand deserts, an iconic shipwreck and absolutely stunning wildlife, I genuinely think you could never run out of things to discover. Plus, the Island now belongs once again to the Butchella people. In addition, the Aussies who know the island well are convinced that like other Australian landmarks before it, Fraser Islands name will be reverted.

At night, we got to sit around a campfire drinking, playing games and dancing. One of our group brought a guitar to sing along too. Dingos also provided food for us to cook as a group.

Our tour guides, Jonesy and his kid nephew Dominic were absolutely awesome. Although I still can't tell if Jonesy was off his face or just loving life, his cheeky and laid back attitude absolutely made the trip.

If you're considering going, what are you waiting for? If you can drive then go rent a four wheel drive NOW! Otherwise book with Dingos for the best experience of your life.

Until we meet again K'gari,

D x

S.S Maheno Shipwreck

The Pinnacles

Our awesome car from our Dingos booked Trip

The Butchella People in traditional body art after an awesome performance

Whale Bones, they were MASSIVE!
Getting shotgun on a sunset beautiful beach drive

The whole group from the Dingos Tour.
Me and the babe where Eli Creek meets the Ocean



I've Been Lost A While

Gold Coast, Aus 

I've been spending months trying to figure out what to do with this blog. For a year I relied on this blog to express, share and create. This is something I'm not only proud of, but something that makes me feel good.

So, when I came to Australia, I didn't quite think how hard it would be to do all the things I did before. I took it for granted, the clothes, the networking with other creatives, the city of London. Now I'm sitting on a creaky bunk bed in a hostel in an East Australian farming town, wondering what the hell I want to do next.

I have spent so long wondering what I am meant to write, partly scared to change the pattern, but I realised that I am on an amazing adventure and I have yet to share any of the details with you!

I have the privilege of backpacking in Australia. I am meeting awesome people every day and experience new and exciting things. I want to share all that with you. I will start with my previous journeys and then from then on I will keep you up to date, like I should have from the start!

There is beauty and creativity everywhere, it's just how you choose to perceive it. 
-Darcy Dionyves 

D x



WWW: Music and the LGBTQ Community

I am absolutely in love with some music videos on the scene recently.

Over the past few years, gender fluidity and sexuality has been explored more than ever before. Being able to actively express yourself is something I am very passionate about; I think it's important to display support of equality and diversity for all. Something that particularly tugs at my heart strings is the amount of same sex love that has been displayed in these fucking awesome music videos.

The LGBTQ community are constantly going from strength to strength, having their rights recognised and their voices heard. In 2001 the Netherlands became the first country to legalise same sex marraige. now 20 more countries have followed suit over the more recent years. Although it is so sad that there is still a lot of stigma towards same sex relationships and gender fluidity, its brilliant to witness how the support and acceptance of LGBTQ community is constantly growing and becoming more normalised.

I'll share with you with these three babes. I hope this is a trend that keeps on growing so it may continue to 'normalize' the most normal thing on earth, love.

Mura Masa - What if I Go?

This video is the sweetest darned thing, the couples are adorbs and I just love how cute and in love they all are. I appreciate the song too, it's a brilliant track. This is not the first time that Mura Masa's music has championed LGBTQ love, with other videos via Youtube page Wonderful Tunes also creating an awesome video demonstrating that love comes in many forms.

Troye Sivan ft Alessia Cara - Wild

This awesome video about love and relationships demonstrates the tender first moments, got me gooey! Openly gay Youtube sensation Troye Sivan uses his platform to positively reinforce and normalize LBGTQ relationships in mainstream media. His original video for the song Wild also depicted a homosexual couple in the battle of love, and this video for his new collaboration is equally awesome. The video's last scene caused a twitter hashtag trend with people in support saying #KeepOnKissing

Years & Years ft Tove Lo - Desire

Years & Years front singer released this video with a long statement explaining how this video came about, saying that "the majority of male musicians. whos Type A macho masculinity felt completely unrelatable. He then on to comment the way women are normally portrayed in music videos, adding that "I wanted to be sensual and seductive in my videos."

The creative industry is so powerful, especially in a world where most cultures rely so heavily on the use of social media. These displays of support for equality for all can reach further than ever before,

I hope these songs, videos and artists have made your day the way they made mine. If you know any more music videos that I should go watch, please send us a message or write a lovely comment.
D x


I Apologise

I apologise. I apologise because I stopped blogging for the longest while. If you know me you know that I recently flew half way across the world to Australia. Now I find myself in Brisbane, a home away from home with the most wonderful atmosphere. The art, the culture, the nightlife.. it's quite brilliant here.

I have also been enjoying the absolutely amazing boutiques and music vibe of Brisbane. There is so much creativity. Every building is covered with art, every corner you can hear someone singing.

So yes, I have been quiet for a couple of months. Now that I finally have the time, I can actually focus on the things that really matter to me, such as styling, music and enjoying art.

There is so much going on in the world right now too, and I want to make sure I get back on this blog so we can freely discuss the events. Things such as #misogynoir or burkini-gate. These are massive movements right now in the world of feminism that need to be recognised, they need to be discussed, and they need to be heard.

Thank you for your patience beauties. I do strongly appreciate it!

D x



Travelling Through

The other day I went to an absolutely wonderful travel book shop called Travelling Through in search of some aussie reading.

What I found was much more enriching; this wonderful little space is a safe haven!  With the downstairs Cafe,  the little garden terrace and the brilliant staff,  I really felt like I had walked through the wardrobe and into Narnia.

It's places like these that keep dreams alive.  The owner had the idea for years to create this portal for like minded wandering souls; her career prior to the bookstore often sent to other countries. She created a bookstore that offers fact and fiction from across the world, while serving brilliant drinks and snacks and promoting artists from around the world.

The little shop was so inspiring. It's wonderful that somebody created this place for people to learn, grow and immerse themselves in another world. It is definitely one of London's hidden gems. I think it's truly brilliant that someone has created something so positive. I wish I had found them earlier so that I could have attended one of their cultural events.

I move to Australia in under four weeks now, and to say I am excited is the biggest understatement. If you have any tips or dream destinations you think I should know about, please do get in touch!!

Pink Silk Shirt from Reiss similar from Asos
Pleat Culottes from Topshop similar from Asos 
Silver Backpack from Topshop
Silver heels from Asos, similar from BooHoo

Photographer: the wonderful Detune Photography, I will miss this guy dearly for all he's done.
Bookstore: Travelling Through, Waterloo
D x


We Can Make A Change

photographer: Detune Photography

Good morning beautifuls.

As each day goes by I become more impatient for the next! I fly out to Australia in less than six weeks now. I am brimming with excitement and as you can see by my lack of posts (so sorry about that) I am swamped with work, packing and preparing for the adventures ahead.

I went to interview an amazing musician the other day which was brilliant. We discussed her musical endeavours and her inspirations. It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by such creative and wonderful people. It did get me reflecting.

This world is full of such hatred and ugliness. Black Lives Matter, Donald Trump, the Refugee Crisis,  Oscar Pistorius, the Isis Bombings, The EU referendum, Syria, Chilcott's report, racism, Donald Trump, Global warming, Iraq, The Dallas Shootings, xenophobia, the possible privatisation of the NHS, the Korean Missile, Tony Blair, Afganistan, the Orlando Massacre.. the list really does go on. It's times like these that it's truly difficult to find the silver lining, but I am fighting hard to keep my eyes towards the stars and my mind beyond the horizon.

We live in a world where Portugal ran four days straight on renewable energy, where churches and synagogues alike in the US are opening their doors to refugees, where the international cooperation to slow global warming has seen success as Antarctica's ozone hole begins to heal, where people come together  across the globe in their millions to support one another, whether it be Gay Pride and standing up for love after the Orlando Massacre, or twitter hashtags to promote and show that  #BlackLivesMatter.

We live in a world with individuals like Malala Yousafzai and Akon alike are fighting for a brighter future, where celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Angelina Jolie use their fame to promote the awareness of those in need. In times like this I remember that there are thousands of people, more than ever before, travelling across the world to volunteer; lend their time and help create a brighter future, where people fight for justice, whether it be through protest, the arts, petitions or online media platforms.

There is a lot of ugly in the world. There is also a lot of beauty. Those who want to see a change should remember the power they have to show the world 'I am Here'.

Write a song, take a photo. Smile, compliment, laugh, travel often and show others how much love you hold in your heart. Let it spill out and let it flood into their lives.

We can make changes. We are beautiful, and that is a gift that should not be taken for granted.

Co ord from Primark, similar found at Zara 
Pink Rucksack from Topshop, similar found at Asos
Sheos from H&M 



The Cold Shoulder

Once we discover how to appreciate the timeless values in our daily experiences, we can enjoy the best things in life - Jerome. K Jerome

Everyone knows how much I love a bit of Missguided.

This really cute skirt and top combo has stollen my heart. Well, I say top.. I mean swimsuit.  Yep! That my lovelies is a swimsuit that I couldn't resist styling up as day wear!  How cute is the little white underlay?!

I love scuba material and this body is so perfect because it maintains it's shape and doesn't make you feel all hot and flustered.

The satin skirt is equally adorable. It reminds me of the 50s. It is beautiful and not too light so feels rather luxurious.

My trusty black shoes from primark which for your amusement I will admit are odd sizes are perfect for this ensemble, along with a nice pair of sunglasses for that Audrey Hepburn effortless.

D x
Swimsuit from Missguided
Skirt from Missguided 
Similar black heels from Asos



Wicked Women Wednesdays: Rest In Peace Jo Cox

It is absolutely appauling that I am writing another blogpost involving the loss of a life.

Instead of describing the awful way in which this life was taken, let us discuss what an amazing woman Jo Cox was, and how her legacy shall be kept alive.

 Across the Globe so many have spent today celebrating what would have been Jo's 42nd birthday. In Trafalgar Square thousands gathered holding signs with the hashtags #LoveLikeJo.

Many people spoke at the event, including her widowed husband, Brendan Cox. The family (Brendan and his two young children by Jo) traveled to the event by barge along the River Thames pulling behind it a boat covered in Roses bearing the words 'Yorkshire Rose'.

Malala Youzafzai also spoke at the event called #MoreInCommon. The name was taken from one of Jo's former speeches. Malala said that she lives her life by this principle.

Across the world, places including but not limited to New York, Paris, Dublin and Buenos Aires are celebrating the life of this wonderful woman. I wanted to take this time to celebrate Jo on this blog, by discussing some of her most notable successes. She is an inspiration to us all, and she will be sorely missed.

Source : Daily Mail

-Studying at Cambridge, Cox discovered that the way one spoke and their connections 'mattered'. This spurred her on to become quite the activist for many campaigns and charities, eventually finding herself as an important figure in the Labour Party.

- Cox liked to get her hands dirty for charity. Often taking part in fundraising, Jo also traveled to warzones during her time working with Oxfam.

Source : BBC

-In fact, she raised awareness for a new charity every month. Her self titled website features a variety of charities; giving them much needed promotion and support.

-Cox pushed for international action to prevent deaths in childbirth with Sarah Brown (Gordon Brown's wife). She was national chair of Labour Womens Network for four years, urging more women to enter public life.

-Cox worked with the Freedom Fund to end modern slavery, and also worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

-Not stopping at charities, Cox raised her voice for the refugees and relentlessly campaigned to support the families fleeing Syria, saying, "Any Member who has seen the desperation and fear on the faces of children trapped in inhospitable camps across Europe must surely feel compelled to act."

-Jo's hard work did not go unrecognised, in 2009 she was nominated by the Davos World Economic Forum as a young global leader, and in 2012 she received the Devex award for her contribution to international development.

-Jo was not only a hard working woman but a loving wife and mother of two beautiful young children. She often enjoyed camping, listening to music and spending her spare time on her boat home on the Thames.

D x



A moment for Orlando's Fallen

I am lost for words. As the events of the Orlando shootings still unfold, many questions have been raised. As horrific as this all is, it has opened the eyes of many who demand action be taken so that this may not happen again.

As 49 are confirmed dead and 53 injured, America is under the microscope.  The massacre at Pulse Nightclub in the early hours of Sunday 12th June was one of 43 shootings that day. Not only does this horrific event highlight the threat that Americas current gun laws pose, but it has also opened up the ongoing discussion of hate crime. 

It was only in 2009 that the hate crimes prevention act was amended in the US, meaning that before this time, an event like this would not have been recorded by the FBI as a hate crime at all, as any crimes based on gender or sexual orientation were simply not recognised. What's more disgusting is that there are people currently in the US Government who voted against passing this law to recognise hate crime against sexual orientation or gender. Why was this something that was not challenged? 

Trump is using the shootings as an opportunity to frighten America's citizens. The shooter, Saddiqui Mateen, was American born and raised. He has also recently been discovered as closeted; he frequented Pulse nightclub before the shootings took place. In addition, his is first wife reported that he had a violent history, beating her regularly. Yet Trump is thrusting this situation into the limelight, using it as ammunition to call for all Muslims to wear identification. This despicable man who could well and truly be running America soon does not recognise this tragedy for what it is, an extremely unstable and violent man who never had the courage or support to accept who he really was.

In light of these events, some beautiful things have taken place. First, Muslims broke Ramadan to honour those fallen victims. In the face of such an awful tragedy they demonstrated solidarity and unity. In Orlando a couple hundred Muslims donated blood for the survivors of the massacre. Here, across England, thousands came together in most major cities to honour the 49 lives lost. A vigil also took place in Soho, London. On Monday night, thousands of people, including the Mayor of London, held a moment of silence in respect of those lost, before singing and dancing in the streets. It was a truly stunning sight, and something I wished I had been able to be a part of. 

(source: Attitude Magazine)
Most recently, Prince William, future King of England, met with Attitude, gracing the cover of the LGBT magazine. In his interview he told the readers, "No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason and no one should have to put up with the kind of hate these young people have endured in their lives."

I suppose what I hope we as beings can learn from this is that this situation would not have happened if it weren't for two major factors, 1- if America enforced gun control and 2- if there was more support and acceptance for LGBT individuals.

This awful, awful event cannot be undone, but it can be a lesson. The victims of this massacre should not die in vain.

D x
(Source; Time Out)



Feeling Mellow

You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself - Glinda, the Wizard of Oz

Good morning sunshines,

The days are longer and for the most part warmer too. I wrote this awesome post about all the things I used on my hair and skin on holiday and lost the whole thing with all the photos on so I was bummed out, but I am happy again because it's officially 6 weeks until I leave my job and 10 weeks until I am half way around the world.. YAY!

I have been getting in the summer spirit, partly thanks to Turkey, and this little number from Urban Outfitters sure does hit the spot. I love a bit of colour coordinating, and these yellow sunnies quickly developed into a yellow theme. Shame I work upteen hours or I would have painted my nails the same colour!

I am so excited about having the time in life to do my blog, travel, learn, read, make music again.. Plus I am looking forward to a life where bikinis are my go to outfit. I cannot find the words to describe how absolutely eager I am to get on that plane! 

PS: I decided show you all my tiger stripes/ stretch marks behind my knees, because they're cool and make me real individual, like. 

Stripe Swing Dress from Urban Outfitters
Yellow Bag from Accessorize on sale now
Black Sandals from Urban Outfitters on sale now
Yellow Sunglasses from River Island, similar found at Asos on sale now



Wicked Women Wednesdays: You are Beautiful

I have been having such a wonderful time in Turkey, I will post about my favourite holiday products this weekend for sure! But for now I had to write a belated WWW post for you all about something that has become rather apparent over the duration of my holiday. 

I have come and traveled to this beautiful part of Turkey with my partner's family. Here, we have had the luxury of hot weather, mild nights and both a luxurious pool and brilliant beaches for us to explore. We have all been equally excited about the prospect of travelling to this rich part of the country, ready to spend our days and nights immersing ourselves in all the new experiences on offer. 

Such a brilliant group of lovely men and women, I quite forget that when it comes to stripping down, people have insecurities. Here we are, routinely comparing lumps and bumps and stripes and what not. People, ready to enjoy what life presents, completely blinded by what society deems attractive that they cannot see their beauty. We, as a race, subject ourselves to such ridiculous standards that often it is hard to find self appreciation. 

When I approach this subject I am often met with comparison. I am so lucky in this life, I have a wonderful mother who taught me that I am beautiful no matter what, and that I should never be ashamed of my amazing body that allows me to be here today. She told me to ignore how boyish my boobs made me feel. She told me to shrug away how goofy I felt my teeth were. She insisted that my spots and scars were nothing but normal. 

I realised a few years back, perhaps due to my crippling shyness about my 'failure' to fill out a bikini or any other blemish I deemed unattractive, that I was not the only one. You know how, as a woman in the 21st century, we are all coaxed into judging and rating other women by their visual appearance? Magazines constantly compare and batter women for their image, rating them and slating them for cruel entertainment. Well, I was sitting on the beach in my teens and as I felt myself putting my appearance on the fire, picking apart each minuscule detail and comparing them to the women around, when it finally dawned on me.. are they doing the same? 

After deciding to deliver a few compliments to the ladies I had been admiring and shamefully comparing myself with, I had made a wonderful discovery. These women were doing the same thing as me! 

What I am trying to say is, you are beautiful. There is no point denying things, you may have no boobs, ugly feet, big stretch marks, be overweight.. you may be any of these things and a hundred things more. This does not define your beauty! To allow it to hinder the enjoyment of your life is only affecting you. No one cares, for the simple fact that they are too busy thinking the exact same thing about themselves!

You are beautiful. Your body provides you with the most important thing; to live, to love, to be. Nothing else matters, truly. The most beautiful thing you can be is alive and happy. To leave an impression on this world and to enjoy each day as best you can. 

What do you think lovelies? Please do drop me a comment or a  message. As always, thank you for reading. 

Until next time,
D x



Make like Marilyn

In modern western society sometimes it's hard to just find graceful garments. With the fashion industry growing ever bigger, I find myself yearning for some old fashioned class and elegance. I'm talking the Audreys, Elizabeths and Marilyns of yesteryear.

Their class and sensuality oozed, their timeless and completely individual beauty would entrance all those who saw them. Hey, life most certainly is not about looks.. but what's wrong with wanting to feel beautiful from time to time?

Reiss have created a classic dress that is both on trend this season with the shoulders, and timeless due to its cut, material and plain colour. They say a girl needs an LBD but I think they forgot to mention the CWD- the the classic white dress! This dress is fit for any occasion, and wherever you wear it you'll be sure to turn heads. 

I am off to Turkey today, hence my being quiet all of last week. Packing and I do not get along! You can be sure this dress is coming with me though, I'll be wearing it on date night!

White Hermione Dress from Reiss
White heels from Topshop, Similar can be found at New Look
Red Matte Lips from MUA Cosmetics in Reckless 


I'm Not From This Lace

This dress is absolutely gorgeous, and I adore wearing it. It comes in a navy/black colour too but all the boys and girls said I looked pretty (; Haha but seriously, I went for the white because why not. It is gorgeous and sometimes it's fun to feel pretty. Besides, lace is a huge trend for SS16, and this shape is super flattering and great for day to night. And hey, the world managed to get me into kitten heels. I have always detested them but somehow this pair had me swooning. Well done New Look!

Life has been hectic in all the best ways. but sometimes it's nice to throw on something beautiful  and wander the streets of London with good company, basking in the British sunshine. 22 is a funny age to be, as Britney Spears so rightly said.. I'm not a girl, not yet a woman. Can't believe she got it so damn right. It is very confusing to feel as if you're running to keep up with your life, constantly feeling as if you are being pulled between sweet youth and bitter adulthood.

I think sometimes we have to take life by the proverbial balls and just say, "Screw this, I'm doing it my way." I've been shaking things up a little, it has been great fun and extremely refreshing. I'll let you in on all my secrets soon enough.

For now, enjoy shopping this stunning dress. Seriously, check out the navy version, it would look amazing with a biker jacket and boots.

Missie Lace Dress from Reiss
Pink Slouch Jumper similar from H&M
Pink Kitten Heels similar from New Look
Pink Handbag similar from New Look

D x

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