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Babes, welcome.

Sorry I didn't post all week, my laptop and I had a falling out!

I am loving these lace up tops and bodysuits, I think they're awesome. Here is one that I absolutely fell in love with from Missguided. The material is jersey so it is slouchy, and the rough cut edges make it look more fun and kinda sexy. I like!

It's a massive fashion trend at the moment and I really enjoy how diverse this style can be. It can be worn both casually and for nights out, depending on the fit of the garment. Missguided are definitely leading the way with this trend!

I thought, seeing as they're so awesome, that I would find a nice variety for you (cos I know you love shopping as much as me)..

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I absolutely love the bodysuits, they fit amazingly and make this trend really sexy. I also love that this trend has extended to shoes, dresses, bags, trousers.. everything really! Summer had a lot of tie up garments but the style is everywhere now, even Abercrombie are on board. 

Topshop are doing some really cool jumpers where the lace up feature is on the sides, which I think is a fun spin on the fashion trend. I also love how it can be seen on shirt collars, fashioning what looks similar to a pussy bow. It is rather cute and a nice alternative to the standard oxford shirt, which is also currently a massive fashion trend for spring 2016.

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