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Hey! Hope 2016 is treating you well and sorry I haven't done a fashion post in so long! I have done a few photoshoots but due to Christmas, things get hectic and it's hard to meet deadlines!

Just before Christmas I had the honour of working with the amazing photographer Bernhard Deckert and his team. His work is absolutely amazing and I really advise you check him out. We focused on two styles of shoot, fashion editorial and his own more artistic approach in which Bernhard uses his years of expertise to manipulate the image with his own methods of lighting and effects, which were amazing to see and experience.

Back to today's outfit, I really wanted to share this look with you because it actually excites me.

Remember when the new millennium was upon us and all the magazines had futuristic themes with metallics and bold outfits! Well this feels like that for me, mixed with casual modern style!

I am absolutely in love with this top from Monki. It is a box fit and I love this neckline and sleeve length. The material is soft, thick and smooth, really comfy actually!

I love the bag with this, its a stunning clutch with lots of space. I love the diagonal zip too that gives it a more edgy and look. The zip has tassels which is really in season.

Don't get me started on the denim. Oh my gosh, I have been trying to find a good pair of proper jeans now for ages. In an age where Hollister and Topshop lead the way with their super stretchy denim, I haven't been able to find one proper pair of jeans that I can properly fit into without feeling like an absolute frump ever, until I found these bad boys. They fit perfectly, small round the waist, space for my derriere, not too tight on my thighs.. they're perfect! Jeans don't normally fit me due to my measurements! These sold out before I had a chance to share them with you but I have attached similar pairs for your lovely legs (:

I paired this outfit with Nars silver nails and my trusty silver barely there strappy heels from Missguided. Perfect.

I also used MUA cosmetics for this look and Eyelure lashes.

I love this look because it is casual but still dressy and fun. I enjoy feeling a little bit dressed up but still not too over the top so this outfit has the perfect balance for me.

Silver Top can be found here
Silver Clutch similar can be found here or here
Silver strappy Heels can be found here
Ripped Jeans can be found here, here or here
MUA eyeshadow can be found here
Silver Nail Varnish can be found here

Photo credit goes to Bernhard Deckert

D x

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