Stripe Me Down

Hey ladies (and lads.. I see you there),

I love love love stripes. Stripes are sexy as. I also love shirt dresses, they are pretty sexy too. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to find both variables together. Here are a stripy shirt dress I wore earlier. 

stripy shirt dress can be found here
tie up heels can be found here
photo credit Bernhard Deckert (his own work is blinding!)

Okay, so this is beautiful, glossy and a really easy garment to wear. The material feels luxurious and I can imagine it looking really cute in spring with some 'sneakers' (trainers sounds too heavy for this look) and a denim jacket.

The shoes are also sexy as hell, and in keeping with the lace up trend this season. (Here's my last fashion post on this trend).

I am loving how many stripy shirts are out there at the moment, and they are really versatile to wear as they are both smart and playful, both sexy and sophisticated. I have styled out a few shirts below because I absolutely love them and I firmly believe there's a stripy shirt dress out there for everyone.

Shop these looks!
What do you think of this fashion trend? How do you style it out? I'm super keen to hear from you guys. If you haven't already, go and subscribe in the little rectangle on my blog page!

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