Wicked Women Wednesdays: Savannah Brown

Hey people! This week a video became viral online, and it was a real eye opener. After popping up on my feed I knew I HAD to check out the young lady behind it! 

Meet Savannah. I have fallen in love with her work, she is a London based model and Youtube vlogger from across the pond. She is most famed for her slam poems; her video 'What Guys Look For in Girls - A Slam Poem

Since then, Savannah has tackled a variety of issues through her videos, including bullying, sexuality and mental health. Her videos are very raw, opinionated and rather cool if like me, you enjoy outspoken and strongminded people!

Seriously though, even her singing videos are pretty wicked (check her out here!), and through her brilliant use of the English language, she is making waves and altering the way people think,

Here is the video that stood out so much! Enjoy!

New resolution for 2016, meet this awesome chick in person!

D x

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