Lamoda: Bad to the Bone

OH WOW- I AM IN LOVE! Thank you so so much for these stunning shoes Lamoda!

Colour popping, fringing and lacing up are all major trends for 2016, so these shoes are the ultimate trend!

I paired them up with another awesome trend for SS16, the classic white shirt (I'm sure you've already noticed alternatives dotted about all over the place).

These heels (named quite aptly 'Bad to the Bone') are so sexy and comfortable, not to mention the perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit, I love pairing orange with navy and neutral colours to create a real pop.

I received these bad boys a week ago and really wanted to share them with you but I just started a new job which has been super stressful! I managed to book a day off to share these with you though. What's great is that these shoes come in two other colours! Lamoda really are leading the fashion pack with their lace up heels and I had to share my faves with you.. they are the easiest way to update your wardrobe, and with such great prices, I know I will be grabbing a few pairs...

Shop these shoes here

Blazer, River Island
Shirt, H&M
Jeans, Asos
Clutch TK Maxx
Shoes LaModa in Red at £16.99 and in Black at £18.99

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Wicked Women Wednesdays: 1000BlackGirlBooks

There are so many amazing things that are going on in the world right now.. Karlie Kloss is running a coding scholarship in the US for girls, Beyonce and her dancers took a very public political stance at the Super Bowl and Kate Winslet dedicated her BAFTA  to 'All those young women who doubt themselves'.

Yes, these are all amazing things that make me smile from ear to ear, but I felt the most important news of the past week or so had to be that of an 11 year old girl collecting books in a fight for diversity.

 In November last year Marley Dias from New Jersey started the drive #1000BlackGirlBooks. She began it after becoming sick of reading books at her school that she couldn't relate to, and with the support of her mother, she took matters into her own hands.

'I started this because in my fifth-grade class I was only able to read books about white boys and their dogs. I understood that my teacher could connect with those characters, so he asked us to read those books. But I didn't relate to them, so I didn't learn lessons from those storiesMarley Dias, the Guardian.

So she began her search for books featuring girls of colour as the protagonist, aiming to collect 1000 in total. Her plan from there was to donate to her school, St. Cloud Elementary in West Oranfe, and a school in St. Mary, Jamaica, her mothers native country. Marley noted that when she read the books about Black girls, the characters stories were varied, leading to an enriched reading experience.

Marley made waves on social media, with her hashtag #1000BlackGirlBooks becoming viral. This resulted in donations from businesses such as Stacked Books. She also appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show, where she was gifted a laptop and $10,000 check from Shutterfly.

Source: Twitter

On reaching her goal, Dias was invited to the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore where she discussed the importance of characters in books, explaining,

"When you read a story about a person you connect with—like, well, you host a TV show, so if you were to read a book about a black man who hosts a TV show, you would remember whatever he learned and use it on the show."

Marley plans to continue collecting books to donate to schools around New Jersey.

Are you a woman who is making a change? Do you think there's someone who deserves recognition? Hit me up guys, all I ever want to do is promote positivity and growth.

As Ever,

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Jumping into Spring: The Denim Jumpsuit

All photos copyright of Bernhard Deckert 


It's coming up to London Fashion Week and I cannot wait! My tickets just arrived through the post! Saatchi here I come. 

I've been thinking about the latest trends for SS16 and I feel like all in one denim is definitely a look to try. This textured denim jumpsuit from Asos is absolutely amazing and is super comfortable. It also has the flare cropped legs, nodding to the return of 70's hippie style.

I paired it up with a wicked vintage fur coat and some leopard print heels. I love love love leopard print and although it's very versatile I try to limit it to accessories as it's such a harsh print.

Asos have some awesome denim jumpsuits and dungarees at the moment, in fact there are a lot of wicked denim all in ones about at the moment so I selected a few (along with my fave leopard print accessories) below using my one of my favourite websites Polyvore

Find all these items here

Denim Jumpsuit can be found here
Leopard print heels similar can be found here and here
Print coat similar can be found here and here

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Wicked Women Wednesday: Barbie Leads the Way

So, I'm a massive Barbie fan and I make no secret about it. I have been so excited about the changes Barbie have been making regarding gender stereotyping and setting an example for children.

You can imagine my absolute delight in Mattel's (Barbies creator) latest development as they broaden their diversity and create dolls in tall, petite and curvy shapes! Including different body shapes is such a brilliant way to create self confidence and acceptance through development and play with children! So exciting!!!

What is also super awesome is that these dolls come in seven skin tones, 22 eye colours and 24 hairstyles.

Of course Barbie still faces critisism; are they doing enough to create positive body images for children? Do they inspire children? The petite and tall Barbies are still pretty thin, and the curvy barbie is only slightly bigger than the 'normal' Barbie. I found a great article looking at this in more detail and it was really insightful.

I think it is brilliant that Barbie is changing in accordance to their audience, growing and developing in an attempt to create a better, healthier and more positive toy for girls and boys. If Barbie continues in this fashion, they will find the right balance and their actions will be a pivitol moment in the toy industry.

What do you think? Are they doing enough? How did Barbie affect you when you were younger?

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A Good Day For A Flower Bomb!

So before I do a massive revamp of my wardrobe I wanted to play around with colour and patterns, and I came across this number! It's a bomber jacket from Missguided and it's a must for this cold SS16 season!

I am not usually one for bombers, or for colour for that matter, but I am a firm believer of never saying never! I did want to shake things up a bit as most people seem to pair these brightly coloured garments with black ensembles. I thought I would build outfits from the colours of the bomber instead, which was fun!

I tried two outfits with this wicked jacket. The first outfit is very neutral and pastel, which is really in season. I really enjoyed pairing the bomber with the biggest trend for Spring Summer which is definitely TASSLESSS!! The shoes are to die for, and anyone who is anyone has released something in this style. 

With the second jacket, I wanted to have more fun with playing it down. The top is my favourite because of the really nice loop zip detail. The material is also really luxurious because it has a lovely sheen to it. 

Shop the looks:

Floral bomber you can find it here or similar here, and here
Pink long sleeve top can be found here
Ripped Jeans similar can be found here
Tassled pink heels can be found here (they have blue, black, grey and red too!)

Red top can be found here
Acid wash jeans similar can be found here or here
Black trainers similar can be found here or here

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5 Things Women should not be ashamed of!

An impression is made daily on girls and women that it is always best to be 'classy', 'beautiful' or ''feminine". These words, as lovely as they are, can be damaging when seen and heard every day. 

Is it just me, or are there so many expectations that it's hard to keep up? Women everywhere should be proud of who they are!


Body Hair

2015 was definitely the year of discovery for women, highlighting that the body was not just a sexual object. On this theme, women have begun experimenting with their body hair including growing it out, dying it and even putting glitter and bows on it!

Now, I'm not gonna lie. I really enjoyed this. I am ashamed to say I haven't grown out my body hair as of yet (I'm not going to count my leg hair, I've barely shaved that since 2013), but I am in full support of seeing my newsfeed with armpit pictures resembling the cast of my little pony.

Source Amber Amour


I get periods. I use tampons. Why is that such a hard thing for so many people to admit? No like, seriously..  half the world bleed every month and yet we still act as if periods are taboo.

Rupi Kaur made an amazing point nearly a year ago after having the photo below removed from  Instagram due to it not complying to instagram guidlines. Rupi was making a series that depicted the journey a woman goes through on her journey through the red river, and the pictures were both stunning and relateable. The image was soon reinstated after Rupi outed the social media platform for being mysoginistic and banning a photo of a fully dressed woman menstruating whilst sexually suggestive photos and  bloody photos from other body parts are allowed to stay up!

Meanwhile Louelle Louelle posted up a picture with her femicup on her own instagram page. Some saw it as gross, others found it enlightening. Either way it proved a point that people are way more grossed out about period blood than anything else, which kinda isn't cool because it is the same stuff, and bleeding from your lady hole once a month is the most normal kind of bleeding a human being can do!

source - Rupi Kaur's Instagram Account

Sex Life

It's a well known fact that society finds it more acceptable for a man to be sexually active than a woman. Amy Schumer and Amber Rose are both women trying to tackle this double standard.

Girl, if you're waiting for the right person to lose that V plate, good on you. If you have slept with all your tutors at uni, good on you. If you are seeing two guys or girls at the same time, good on you. If you pulled Harry Styles, good on you. If you have slept with the same partner since forever, good on you. If you want to stay celibate, good on you. Are you getting the picture yet?

It is no ones business who or what you do with your sexual organs, as long as you respect yourself! It's something enlightening called 'sexual empowerment'. You own it and no one can take it away from you unless you let them!

Source Buzzfeed

Being Smart and Determined

So many girls and women still act like stupid is cool. Get over it! Don't be ashamed of having brains! Do not rely on someone else to give you a good life when it's all down to you! It is okay to want success, an education, and a cushty life that you built for yourself, honestly.

Source Buzzfeed

Getting Upset

Some douchebag somewhere once decided that showing emotion was acting like a girl, and therefore acting like a girl was weak. If I could find that guy and pummel him I would because he has caused men and women alike A LOT of aggro.

Finding something moving is not a sign of weakness! Crying because Jack didn't make it to the rescue boat with Roseis totally acceptable! Crying because you broke your phone makes a lot of sense! Go, cry at anything you want just because you can.


I like being a woman. I am strong. I make mistakes and do stupid stuff. I cried at Over the Hedge (and no I was NOT drunk). I am proud to be who I am and I will not be stereotyped because I have a vulva!

What are your opinions, I would love to know!!

D x



My Little Red Dress

Hey Beauts

Happy Monday! I start my new job today, but in the mean time I wanted to share with you my latest post!

I am absolutely in love with this scallop hem dress from Missguided and it's only £13!! Yes you read right! I love it. I have layered it with a turtleneck also from Missguided so that it is winter proof!

I love doing this because I really enjoy summer clothing and it's unfair that you can't wear them for over half a year just because the weather is always crappy! This way I can enjoy this little shift and stay warm (:

that's my cat Brian. I'm just standing on the wall to look cool.

and the BOOTS! These boots are to diiie for. They are my new essentials. The perspex heel is a massive trend and I really like how they fit on the ankle, elongating the leg. They look wicked with jeans too!

Red Scallop Dress can be found here
Black Turtle Neck can be found here
Black Suede Perspex Boots similar can be found here or here

I am actually going through a massive style change and wardrobe haul and I will be sharing it all on here! It is fun to change up your style, so I hope you'll be there with me to see how things go! In the mean time I have a post about a sexy bomber and another about things women should not be ashamed of, both of which you don't want to miss! So make sure you subscribe in the little box underneath my face on the right hand column! 

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