5 Things Women should not be ashamed of!

An impression is made daily on girls and women that it is always best to be 'classy', 'beautiful' or ''feminine". These words, as lovely as they are, can be damaging when seen and heard every day. 

Is it just me, or are there so many expectations that it's hard to keep up? Women everywhere should be proud of who they are!


Body Hair

2015 was definitely the year of discovery for women, highlighting that the body was not just a sexual object. On this theme, women have begun experimenting with their body hair including growing it out, dying it and even putting glitter and bows on it!

Now, I'm not gonna lie. I really enjoyed this. I am ashamed to say I haven't grown out my body hair as of yet (I'm not going to count my leg hair, I've barely shaved that since 2013), but I am in full support of seeing my newsfeed with armpit pictures resembling the cast of my little pony.

Source Amber Amour


I get periods. I use tampons. Why is that such a hard thing for so many people to admit? No like, seriously..  half the world bleed every month and yet we still act as if periods are taboo.

Rupi Kaur made an amazing point nearly a year ago after having the photo below removed from  Instagram due to it not complying to instagram guidlines. Rupi was making a series that depicted the journey a woman goes through on her journey through the red river, and the pictures were both stunning and relateable. The image was soon reinstated after Rupi outed the social media platform for being mysoginistic and banning a photo of a fully dressed woman menstruating whilst sexually suggestive photos and  bloody photos from other body parts are allowed to stay up!

Meanwhile Louelle Louelle posted up a picture with her femicup on her own instagram page. Some saw it as gross, others found it enlightening. Either way it proved a point that people are way more grossed out about period blood than anything else, which kinda isn't cool because it is the same stuff, and bleeding from your lady hole once a month is the most normal kind of bleeding a human being can do!

source - Rupi Kaur's Instagram Account

Sex Life

It's a well known fact that society finds it more acceptable for a man to be sexually active than a woman. Amy Schumer and Amber Rose are both women trying to tackle this double standard.

Girl, if you're waiting for the right person to lose that V plate, good on you. If you have slept with all your tutors at uni, good on you. If you are seeing two guys or girls at the same time, good on you. If you pulled Harry Styles, good on you. If you have slept with the same partner since forever, good on you. If you want to stay celibate, good on you. Are you getting the picture yet?

It is no ones business who or what you do with your sexual organs, as long as you respect yourself! It's something enlightening called 'sexual empowerment'. You own it and no one can take it away from you unless you let them!

Source Buzzfeed

Being Smart and Determined

So many girls and women still act like stupid is cool. Get over it! Don't be ashamed of having brains! Do not rely on someone else to give you a good life when it's all down to you! It is okay to want success, an education, and a cushty life that you built for yourself, honestly.

Source Buzzfeed

Getting Upset

Some douchebag somewhere once decided that showing emotion was acting like a girl, and therefore acting like a girl was weak. If I could find that guy and pummel him I would because he has caused men and women alike A LOT of aggro.

Finding something moving is not a sign of weakness! Crying because Jack didn't make it to the rescue boat with Roseis totally acceptable! Crying because you broke your phone makes a lot of sense! Go, cry at anything you want just because you can.


I like being a woman. I am strong. I make mistakes and do stupid stuff. I cried at Over the Hedge (and no I was NOT drunk). I am proud to be who I am and I will not be stereotyped because I have a vulva!

What are your opinions, I would love to know!!

D x

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