Wicked Women Wednesday: Barbie Leads the Way

So, I'm a massive Barbie fan and I make no secret about it. I have been so excited about the changes Barbie have been making regarding gender stereotyping and setting an example for children.

You can imagine my absolute delight in Mattel's (Barbies creator) latest development as they broaden their diversity and create dolls in tall, petite and curvy shapes! Including different body shapes is such a brilliant way to create self confidence and acceptance through development and play with children! So exciting!!!

What is also super awesome is that these dolls come in seven skin tones, 22 eye colours and 24 hairstyles.

Of course Barbie still faces critisism; are they doing enough to create positive body images for children? Do they inspire children? The petite and tall Barbies are still pretty thin, and the curvy barbie is only slightly bigger than the 'normal' Barbie. I found a great article looking at this in more detail and it was really insightful.

I think it is brilliant that Barbie is changing in accordance to their audience, growing and developing in an attempt to create a better, healthier and more positive toy for girls and boys. If Barbie continues in this fashion, they will find the right balance and their actions will be a pivitol moment in the toy industry.

What do you think? Are they doing enough? How did Barbie affect you when you were younger?

D x
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