Wicked Women Wednesdays: #31Days of Feminism

So, something caught my attention a couple of days ago, and I really feel it should have created more of an impact than it has done.

Throughout this month, March 2016, NNCLatino, NBC Asian and NBCBLK have partnered with the Ms. Foundation for Women to raise awareness for women of colour who are actively promoting equality.

It is a digital campaign that has seen these NBC networks discuss what it means to be a feminist to a collection of 31 brilliant creative women of colour who have, through their work, made a positive change in the world by helping bring awareness and highlight the inequalities women often face.

These women are writers,activists, entrepreneurs. game changers who are being celebrated by NBC for their hard work. They highlight not only the prejudices and hardships that women of colour may face, but also the rich tapestry that is their history; their stories that are so rarely heard.

This follows the events of the Baftas 2016 whereby for a second year in a row, it was highlighted that there is a significant shortage of people of colour in show-business.

It is a brilliant campaign that should be celebrated. As someone who aims to promote only the positive and the good in the world, I find it difficult to discuss why this is important, and why this should have more coverage and appreciation globally (little me blogging from London, UK). I think sometimes we, as modern humans, try so hard not to offend each other or speak out that we miss opportunities to make the world a better place.

This campaign really can open our eyes to the 40% of women who the US who on average earn less, have poorer health care and are still grossly underrepresented, which is shocking considering that by 2050 the USA will have no majority race. (Unless you're an idiot voting for Trump, seriously, get yourself checked).

Let me leave you with this video that gives great insight. I know, I live in the UK, but as a mixed race woman from London I think the situation in the US right now is rather scary for people of colour, let alone women.

I would love to know your opinions on this. Mine are still growing and changing everyday as I learn more about our world. Do you think NBC is doing the right thing? Are women of colour being underrepresented or are we just jumping on a bandwagon?

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