Kimono Over Here

Good morning guys. How's it hanging.. Enjoying the ever so slightly warmer weather? 

Even more importantly, did you like my clever use of the word Kimono in my title? Super smart eh..? eh? 

I went to Zara and found this absolutely brilliant two piece. The kimono made me feel like some sort of powerful goddess out of Greek mythology; it's so floaty and the material is heavy and luxurious. I mean come on, look how it moved in the wind! 

The fact that it comes with trousers just made me super wet myself. I love a good two piece but don't often find ones that actually look nice on. I can safely say (partly thanks to the revival of the pajama trend) that this co-ord hits the spot. 

The little cream ribbed top underneath is also Zara, from a few years back. Soo good. I love sheer materials but being at work 182772% of the time means that I don't get to really wear stuff like this! 

I know not everyone will want to wear this together (why not? It's awesome..) so it's great how versatile this pattern is. The kimono will look so awesome over jeans and the trousers are perfect for a beach cover up. I am in love, now where the hell is the sun? 

Floral Kimono from Zara
Floral Pajama Pants from Zara

D x

Thank you so much to Doug of detune photography. His work is awesome and he makes me feel like I can actually look alright so yay!
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