Wicked women's Wednesdays: Be Kind

Something I've always found perplexing I the degree of hatred women can have toward each other for no concrete reason. It's this passive aggressive mean girl attitude that I just.. never fully understood.

As an individual who notes  the ways in which we communicate within the roles of our genders, I have identified that women are much quicker to bring their fellow lady down a peg or two to increase social moral or some weird bullshit.

I think it's a western cultural thing.  On rare occasions I still find myself on the brink of saying something that when it reaches my lips I realise that it's not kind. Something like, she's so pretty but then she does spend a lot of money on makeup..  it's not necessary at all!

A few years ago I was in my overdraft. My my colleagues bank account was also low and I offered to lend her the money for a dress. As soon as I paid I had the most awful word vomit, I knocked my fellow lady down a peg or two by mentioning that she was low on cash. ME!! The girl in her overdraft! I was disgraced with myself but it happened too quickly for me to stop it! I stooped down to this level that I did not like and it left a bad taste in both our mouths!

Why do women find it a social norm to speak of each other this way!

Why do we do this? I know I'm not the only one! I'm not saying we should lick each others arse holes, just not feel the need to find each others flaws all the bloody time.

I like to think that maybe if we all began to show a little love to each other,  that maybe it would have a bigger impact on the world. I honestly feel like it could make the world a better place.

We as women are played against each other,  taught to compete in beauty pageants and for men and to be the prettiest, skinniest, havr the longest hair or the best skin.. while men are raised to work as a team and respect their brothers from other mothers.  (Yeah I just said that).

That day, lending the money, was a turning point for me. Since then I have endeavoured to only empower women.  It's hard in a society where women are taught only to judge one another, but I feel like a better person for sure.

After all.. There's enough in the world that brings us down.

What do you think? 

D x



Wicked Women Wednesdays: #WhenIWas

Hello guys and dolls,

sorry I haven't been around much. I had to buy a new phone and it had a knock on effect with any plans in my calendar/shoots/blog posts that I was scheduling. Please forgive me!

So, I saw something amazing on Twitter yesterday that I am sure all of you saw too.. the trending of the hashtag #WhenIWas. 

It began with a series of tweets from Everyday Sexism, who highlight experiences of harassment, assault, discrimination amd prejudice of women. This hashtag quickly went viral, and is still going strong as I type these words.

What is so sad about this hashtag is that it brings to light the amount of women and girls experiencing sexism on a daily basis. The fact that there was already 30,000 tweets by the early afternoon of yesterday just demonstrates how significant this problem is. It is heartbreaking reading through some of the tweets; it shows that sexism has no boundaries when it comes to age, race or religion.

These brave women are standing together in solidarity to show support, understanding and to expose the true horror of being a woman. Of course, men have participated too, but some of the tweets have displayed the sheer sexism that women endure on a daily basis, and from a young age.

Here are some particular Tweets I found particularly eye opening:

#WhenIWas 17 I was told in court that theres no way I was raped as I wasn't deemed attractive by my rapist.

#WhenIWas 16 on a school trup I was drugged by a man at a hostel. He attempted to rape me. Police said I was old enough to know better.

#WhenIWas 13 we were told we had to wear vests under school shirts 'no matter how hot it was' bc out bras were distracting to male teachers

#WhenIWas 7, I was sexually assaulted by an older boy and my school tried to suspend me for taking it to court

#WhenIWas 10 I was sent to the office for wearing short that were 'distracting to boys'. TEN.

#WhenIWas 17 I was raped by my first boyfriend. My school found out and tried to expel me.

#WhenIWas 13 my male math teacher told me I didn't need to learn geometry because I already had such good curves.

#WhenIWas 14 a teaching priest told us in class that rape is impossible as 'a letter can't be posted if the letterbox isn't open'.

#WhenIWas 9 a male gym teacher said the girls had to play touch rugby instead of traditional so we 'wouldnt squish our pretty noses'.

#WhenIWas 18 I had my breasts groped at work but my (male) boss  said he wouldn't reprimand or ask the guy to leave as he was his friend.

#WhenIWas 7 an older boy choked me in full view of teaching staff, because I'd refused to let him kiss me. No one did a fucking thing.

#WhenIWas 14 and got assaulted, the police didn't care and insinuated that it happened because I was a slut, something my assaulter told them.

I am sure with these twelve tweets you can see where I am headed. It is estimated that 12000 men and 85,000 women in the UK and Ireland are raped yearly, yet only 1070 convictions are made. These numbers are shocking, but they are pretty understandable once it is recognised that the those who are there to protect us systematically let us down..

I highlighted these 12 tweets purposefully. It needs to be recognised that sexism towards women will not change until the habits of those who can make the change are broken. No school should ignore these issues or make a girl feel objectified or dirty. No work place should allow assault on any level. No law enforcer should use a girl's gender against her, especially when it is their duty to protect.

 We shouldn't need charities against harassment and assault. We shouldn't need to march in protest or campaign for our rights (Lads, I'm talking to you too).. It is disgusting that in this day and age, it is so acceptable to treat another human being like a piece of meat.

What are your opinions? I may be completely wrong. It is unfair to only accept my own opinion, but I honestly do believe people deserve more respect and love. Do you think girls should have dresscodes at school? Do you think rape is black and white? Or do you see a grey area? What is your opinion on the trending hashtag #WhenIWas ?

I hope as human beings we learn to grow together, support one another and unite to fight against those who bring negativity to the world. You may call me naive but there is always time for change. I hope that someone reads this and maybe helps the cause in some little way today, even if it's just acknowledging that we need to make a change.

I know I try every day. I get judged a lot for raising my voice and not accepting to be degraded. I stop and ask people in the streets if they're okay if it seems like they have been experiencing trouble. I report it whenever possible, even though I know most of the time I am not heard.

Teamwork guys, we can make a change for sure.

and ps, the last tweet was from me.

D x


Back to Black

 The days are growing longer. My longing grows with each day. I count the hours not knowing, a yearning for the unknown.

How are you all? I apologise.. I have been working hard and it's left me with little time. April showers aren't helping! 

I love this dress, and need these Creeper style trainers in my life; they're so funky! Yes, I use the word funky and you should too, 90's has made a come back don't you know. 

Weather like this is difficult to gage.. all British weather is difficult to gage but spring is certainly the trickiest. Tricky meaning one moment the sun's rays burn your skin and the next it's like the Antarctic.  

That's why I love this dress.  It's thick and warm but oversized meaning you can breath in it. Perfect for British spring weather! 

I also have a soft spot for all things ribbed. This, being black, ribbed and oversized is a perfect daytime staple. It's now on sale too, which is awesome. 

I also love my trainers here. Don't you just love a good platform? They're all the rage,  with catwalks at fashion week teaming with them. Asos and missguided both do a range of colours too, all with this wicked ridged tan wedge. You should go get a pair. 

Go enjoy your day, eat good food and relax. I mean,  I'm working.. but knowing you'll be at home relaxing makes my day a little better.  


D x

Black Ribbed dress (currently only £12) from Missguided
Black Creeper Trainers from Asos 



All That Glitters

all that glitters

all that glitters

I am really enjoying this glorious new weather. Aside from the sporadic April Showers, it is so amazing to be able to leave the house without a coat! I have had a tough old week, what with starting a second job and having to say goodbye to my Iphone forever. To make myself feel better I had to have a little online window shopping spree and in doing so, came across all my favourite designers under one roof, and even more so, my favourite trend of SS16. SEQUINSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

This spring I have fallen in love with the major trend of sequins. As soon as I saw the Ashish collection for SS16 I knew that once the sun came around I would need to inject some serious sparkle into my wardrobe!

What I love about the glitterati trend that has infiltrated all our wardrobes is the intricacy. Ashish's collection is so fresh, clean and elegant, while Cavalli's sequin patchwork on denim is more playful and fresh. I love the innovative use of sequins across this season, including sequin patchwork, sequin trainers and sequin hairdos. 

On perusing for inspiration, I came across all my favourite brands at FarFetch.. Phillip Lim, Givenchy and Ashish all under one roof; lucky me! I selected a few amazing items to drool over.. Please, by all means, come drool with me.

Love the selection at FarFetch

Farfetch asked how I would style sequins.. now, if I had farfetch as my wardrobe I would be a very happy woman! Here are my looks:

Sequin Glory for FarFetch
Sequin Glory

Look at that Orangutan Rucksack! I mean come on!!! And these jeans are to die for. I definitely think for my next post I have to liven things up a bit and play around with a bit of sparkle. Once my life is less hectic I will get something special sorted! 

 Well, have a nice week.. enjoy spring.

D x



Grey on Grey

I feared the water, for it was too deep. I feared the night, for it was too dark. I feared the days, for they were too long, and that's when I realised, it was the fear itself that I feared most. With this, I was able to take my first step into the unknown.

I'm enjoying this warmer weather, and this duster jacket from Missguided is perfect for day to night looks. The length is perfect for this season, and the colour is to die for.

The jeans are amazing. As you may know from reading my blog, I find it hard to find a good pair of jeans that are flattering and fashionable. Mom and Boyfriend jeans don't fit my bodyshape very well. These are gorgeous and have already garnered a lot of compliments.

 Duster Jacket can be found at Missguided
Ripped Mom Jeans can be found at Missguided
Barely there heels in nude found at Missguided
Woven Clutch found at Missguided

D x


Style Me in Seconds

A little while back, I was honoured to be invited to the pop up shop Style Me in Seconds near Shoreditch for a personal styling session. Style Me In Seconds is based around the idea of buying stylish and fun clothing from one place, with all the proceeds going back to the charities in which the garments were sourced. Each item has been carefully selected by the team, and the store is restocked constantly whilst rolling out free cupcakes, manicures and makeup sessions. Not bad eh?

As I walked in, the energy inside was absolutely buzzing, Through the hustle and bustle of this little store, I was warmly greeted for my appointment. To my left was a table where a lady painting talons galore, on the right a fantastic makeup artist transforming women into vixens and goddesses. It was all quite exciting and energetic and I was definitely psyched  to be a part of it.

I was met by a young lady dressed in awesome gold jeans and a sheer black shirt. She warmly introduced herself as Hayley and deliberated her eagerness to begin the session, hearing that I was blogging!

Her first request was for me to select a few items from the rails. I stayed true to my comfort zone and headed straight for the most neutral tones. As someone who enjoys trying new things, we agreed that Hayley take the opportunity to have full autonomy of the styling session, and we, with the rest of the team, came up with three distinctive looks!

My favourite has got to be the second. I love rocking the oversized look, and I feel this outfit really plays on editorial fashion whilst keeping it simple for daywear, white rucksack to match. The trousers (from Zara) are beaut, and I found it hard not to snap them up (I am saving up for a big adventure..), and the white neoprene jacket took me back to my days of working at AQAQ. Gotta love a bit of neoprene! And the makeup, isn't it wicked? Thanks to Giorgia Mitchell!

The brains behind this vision, Amy Walshe, should be so chuffed. The pop up has had quite a fair bit of attention, including ABC News reporters doing an interview. The pop up may only be up until Sunday, but I certainly think this isn't the last we will see of this brilliant and innovative idea.

Thank you so much for the invite Amy!

D x


Wicked Women Wednesdays: Something Happened

Something happened yesterday that has happened before and no doubt will happen again.

Most of the time it's easy enough to ignore it. I have become accustomed to turning a blind eye and walking on, head held high even though my palms are sweating and my blood boils. 

This time, like every other time, got me thinking..  Why does this keep happening? Why am I expected to tolerate level of degradation.

When I asked a security guard at work today his response was simple, 'you're pretty, you just gotta do your best to keep your head down and look as ugly as you can'. He also assumed I'd been walking in revealing clothing.  Is this how I'm to act to be able to walk down my street? 

That's when I broke. ' I should be allowed to walk down the street naked if I want' I sternly responded. 'Heck, I should be able to lie down naked and masturbate, it's my body!' He laughed, I honestly reckon he thinks I'm a little insane. But the fact is, it's true. 

I'm sorry. I refuse to accept that this behaviour is the norm, this degrading, sexist and vulgar behaviour that makes me want to cut off their balls with a spoon. YouGov released statistics in 2012 revealing that 43% of women experience sexual harassment. What's even more worrying 1 in 3 schoolgirls have been found to have experienced sexual harassment. But maybe I'm crazy, maybe Donald Trump was right to say 'what did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?'

It's not okay to whistle at a schoolgirl, It's not okay to grope a sales assistant. It's not okay to holler at someone and then threaten them with a weapon when they refuse to jump on your motorbike. It's not okay to suggest to a 14 year old girl who has been assaulted that she asked for it. These are all things that I have experienced, and all things I have learnt to accept 'just happen because I'm pretty'. Is this what young girls are to learn?

I'm know this isn't a one way street, I am very accepting and vocal about equal rights and treatment for all. My point here is, I don't remember a time my boyfriend had to turn a blind eye girls who were degrading him in public. He's never had to physically run away from women when their hollers become aggressive. And he's certainly never had to report it to the police. 

The fact that there are charities across the world trying to tackle this epidemic suggests the severity of the situation. It often feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. 

It's not right that I fear dark nights. It's not fair that I get anxious walking past groups of men, and I hate that in 2016 on a weekday afternoon, two guys find it okay to threaten me, follow me and call me an ugly stupid bitch because I won't come talk to them. 

Something happened yesterday that has happened before and will no doubt happen again. 

D x



Embroidery, With Love

As Spring tenderly approaches, the streets are washed of the grey and dull palettes that winter embraced. Flooding in are the bright hues that summer beckons, reds, oranges, yellows, blues.. 

I love this jacket from Zara, The bright colours and embellishments are so beautiful and intricate, perfect for day to night looks. Tribal and Folk styles are firmly embedded as key trends for SS16. Zara and H&M are the high street brands that have really embraced this look, and this jacket (which is of my favourite box fit shape), is a perfect blend of casual and smart, playful and demure. 

And, what makes this jacket a statement garment is the embroidery. It has made a firm comeback for 2016. ith traditional being the new trendy, embroidery can be found everywhere, from catwalk to Taylor Swift's embroidered Jack Wills hoodie. 

I have paired it with my uniform, cheeky eh. I love these jeans, they fit amazingly and have good stretch. As someone who has a 10 inch difference between waist and hips, I usually have difficulty finding a good fit. These jeans are perfect for Spring as the colour is light and the material isn't too thick. They come in an array of colours too. 

The shoes were gifted from LaModa a few months ago. They are absolutely stunning. I love them and wear them regularly. Tassle heels were the IT trend for late 2015/early 2016, and since then tassles have evolved. It is difficult to find garments without some sort of fringing detail at the moment!These are still my favourite due to the sheer simplicity of the style, and the way they can enhance any outfit without detracting. 

Folk Inspired Jacket from Zara 
White Top from Reiss
Light Jeans from Riess
Tassle Strap Heels similar can be found at ShoeBou
D x
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