Back to Black

 The days are growing longer. My longing grows with each day. I count the hours not knowing, a yearning for the unknown.

How are you all? I apologise.. I have been working hard and it's left me with little time. April showers aren't helping! 

I love this dress, and need these Creeper style trainers in my life; they're so funky! Yes, I use the word funky and you should too, 90's has made a come back don't you know. 

Weather like this is difficult to gage.. all British weather is difficult to gage but spring is certainly the trickiest. Tricky meaning one moment the sun's rays burn your skin and the next it's like the Antarctic.  

That's why I love this dress.  It's thick and warm but oversized meaning you can breath in it. Perfect for British spring weather! 

I also have a soft spot for all things ribbed. This, being black, ribbed and oversized is a perfect daytime staple. It's now on sale too, which is awesome. 

I also love my trainers here. Don't you just love a good platform? They're all the rage,  with catwalks at fashion week teaming with them. Asos and missguided both do a range of colours too, all with this wicked ridged tan wedge. You should go get a pair. 

Go enjoy your day, eat good food and relax. I mean,  I'm working.. but knowing you'll be at home relaxing makes my day a little better.  


D x

Black Ribbed dress (currently only £12) from Missguided
Black Creeper Trainers from Asos 

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