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A little while back, I was honoured to be invited to the pop up shop Style Me in Seconds near Shoreditch for a personal styling session. Style Me In Seconds is based around the idea of buying stylish and fun clothing from one place, with all the proceeds going back to the charities in which the garments were sourced. Each item has been carefully selected by the team, and the store is restocked constantly whilst rolling out free cupcakes, manicures and makeup sessions. Not bad eh?

As I walked in, the energy inside was absolutely buzzing, Through the hustle and bustle of this little store, I was warmly greeted for my appointment. To my left was a table where a lady painting talons galore, on the right a fantastic makeup artist transforming women into vixens and goddesses. It was all quite exciting and energetic and I was definitely psyched  to be a part of it.

I was met by a young lady dressed in awesome gold jeans and a sheer black shirt. She warmly introduced herself as Hayley and deliberated her eagerness to begin the session, hearing that I was blogging!

Her first request was for me to select a few items from the rails. I stayed true to my comfort zone and headed straight for the most neutral tones. As someone who enjoys trying new things, we agreed that Hayley take the opportunity to have full autonomy of the styling session, and we, with the rest of the team, came up with three distinctive looks!

My favourite has got to be the second. I love rocking the oversized look, and I feel this outfit really plays on editorial fashion whilst keeping it simple for daywear, white rucksack to match. The trousers (from Zara) are beaut, and I found it hard not to snap them up (I am saving up for a big adventure..), and the white neoprene jacket took me back to my days of working at AQAQ. Gotta love a bit of neoprene! And the makeup, isn't it wicked? Thanks to Giorgia Mitchell!

The brains behind this vision, Amy Walshe, should be so chuffed. The pop up has had quite a fair bit of attention, including ABC News reporters doing an interview. The pop up may only be up until Sunday, but I certainly think this isn't the last we will see of this brilliant and innovative idea.

Thank you so much for the invite Amy!

D x
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