Wicked women's Wednesdays: Be Kind

Something I've always found perplexing I the degree of hatred women can have toward each other for no concrete reason. It's this passive aggressive mean girl attitude that I just.. never fully understood.

As an individual who notes  the ways in which we communicate within the roles of our genders, I have identified that women are much quicker to bring their fellow lady down a peg or two to increase social moral or some weird bullshit.

I think it's a western cultural thing.  On rare occasions I still find myself on the brink of saying something that when it reaches my lips I realise that it's not kind. Something like, she's so pretty but then she does spend a lot of money on makeup..  it's not necessary at all!

A few years ago I was in my overdraft. My my colleagues bank account was also low and I offered to lend her the money for a dress. As soon as I paid I had the most awful word vomit, I knocked my fellow lady down a peg or two by mentioning that she was low on cash. ME!! The girl in her overdraft! I was disgraced with myself but it happened too quickly for me to stop it! I stooped down to this level that I did not like and it left a bad taste in both our mouths!

Why do women find it a social norm to speak of each other this way!

Why do we do this? I know I'm not the only one! I'm not saying we should lick each others arse holes, just not feel the need to find each others flaws all the bloody time.

I like to think that maybe if we all began to show a little love to each other,  that maybe it would have a bigger impact on the world. I honestly feel like it could make the world a better place.

We as women are played against each other,  taught to compete in beauty pageants and for men and to be the prettiest, skinniest, havr the longest hair or the best skin.. while men are raised to work as a team and respect their brothers from other mothers.  (Yeah I just said that).

That day, lending the money, was a turning point for me. Since then I have endeavoured to only empower women.  It's hard in a society where women are taught only to judge one another, but I feel like a better person for sure.

After all.. There's enough in the world that brings us down.

What do you think? 

D x

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