Don't Make Me Blush

I told you I'd eat my words.. I'm enjoying this bubblegum pink way too much.  I found the puma trainers on eBay and I got the bag on a whim years ago at topshop before swearing off pink. 

I spotted this dress on missguided a little while back and though I bought it, I couldn't find a time to wesr it. All of a sudden ta da! Pink revolution in the wardrobe of darcy. Barbie would be proud. 

I have to say this look makes me feel pretty damn cool. (Cooler than I already am of course.. ha). It's perfect for this summer weather. 

The high neck and curved hem of the dress is really on trend for high street fashion, and the trainers are a sure hit for any casual outfit that you would want to jazz up.  I wear them all the time. 

Mauve bodycon dress can be found at missguided 
Pink Suede Trainers from Puma 
Pink faux leather rucksack similar can be found at Asos or Accessorize 

D x
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