If In Doubt, Wear Red

I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustable variety of life - F. Scott Fitzgerald

I worked 80 odd hours last week.. it was well worth it but I have to admit it was exhausting! Still, I did attempt to find the time to continue my dialogue with you guys. Apologies that I couldn't do more..

Spending days working means that I don't get to enjoy beautiful outfits like this very often. Yesterday was my first day off in nearly two weeks and I wasn't wasting the opportunity to go all out! It was birthday time with the in- laws. Love those guys. Love this outfit too. This red jumpsuit is so elegant and sexy, and mixing red with pink was really fun, like playing with barbies all over again.

The little bag charm was my favourite part of this outfit. I call him Jerome. He is fluffy and googly and I adore him.

I totally slagged off the pink trend back in January to fashion reporters but I am finally beginning to enjoy it. I still think the rest of the rainbow should get a bit more of a look in this summer though.

Red Jumpsuit similar can be found at Boohoo or New Look
Red and Pink Bag is from River Island
Pink Strappy Heels from New Look
Jerome the bag charm can be found at Accessorize 

D x

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