Wicked Women Wednesdays: Rest In Peace Jo Cox

It is absolutely appauling that I am writing another blogpost involving the loss of a life.

Instead of describing the awful way in which this life was taken, let us discuss what an amazing woman Jo Cox was, and how her legacy shall be kept alive.

 Across the Globe so many have spent today celebrating what would have been Jo's 42nd birthday. In Trafalgar Square thousands gathered holding signs with the hashtags #LoveLikeJo.

Many people spoke at the event, including her widowed husband, Brendan Cox. The family (Brendan and his two young children by Jo) traveled to the event by barge along the River Thames pulling behind it a boat covered in Roses bearing the words 'Yorkshire Rose'.

Malala Youzafzai also spoke at the event called #MoreInCommon. The name was taken from one of Jo's former speeches. Malala said that she lives her life by this principle.

Across the world, places including but not limited to New York, Paris, Dublin and Buenos Aires are celebrating the life of this wonderful woman. I wanted to take this time to celebrate Jo on this blog, by discussing some of her most notable successes. She is an inspiration to us all, and she will be sorely missed.

Source : Daily Mail

-Studying at Cambridge, Cox discovered that the way one spoke and their connections 'mattered'. This spurred her on to become quite the activist for many campaigns and charities, eventually finding herself as an important figure in the Labour Party.

- Cox liked to get her hands dirty for charity. Often taking part in fundraising, Jo also traveled to warzones during her time working with Oxfam.

Source : BBC

-In fact, she raised awareness for a new charity every month. Her self titled website features a variety of charities; giving them much needed promotion and support.

-Cox pushed for international action to prevent deaths in childbirth with Sarah Brown (Gordon Brown's wife). She was national chair of Labour Womens Network for four years, urging more women to enter public life.

-Cox worked with the Freedom Fund to end modern slavery, and also worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

-Not stopping at charities, Cox raised her voice for the refugees and relentlessly campaigned to support the families fleeing Syria, saying, "Any Member who has seen the desperation and fear on the faces of children trapped in inhospitable camps across Europe must surely feel compelled to act."

-Jo's hard work did not go unrecognised, in 2009 she was nominated by the Davos World Economic Forum as a young global leader, and in 2012 she received the Devex award for her contribution to international development.

-Jo was not only a hard working woman but a loving wife and mother of two beautiful young children. She often enjoyed camping, listening to music and spending her spare time on her boat home on the Thames.

D x



A moment for Orlando's Fallen

I am lost for words. As the events of the Orlando shootings still unfold, many questions have been raised. As horrific as this all is, it has opened the eyes of many who demand action be taken so that this may not happen again.

As 49 are confirmed dead and 53 injured, America is under the microscope.  The massacre at Pulse Nightclub in the early hours of Sunday 12th June was one of 43 shootings that day. Not only does this horrific event highlight the threat that Americas current gun laws pose, but it has also opened up the ongoing discussion of hate crime. 

It was only in 2009 that the hate crimes prevention act was amended in the US, meaning that before this time, an event like this would not have been recorded by the FBI as a hate crime at all, as any crimes based on gender or sexual orientation were simply not recognised. What's more disgusting is that there are people currently in the US Government who voted against passing this law to recognise hate crime against sexual orientation or gender. Why was this something that was not challenged? 

Trump is using the shootings as an opportunity to frighten America's citizens. The shooter, Saddiqui Mateen, was American born and raised. He has also recently been discovered as closeted; he frequented Pulse nightclub before the shootings took place. In addition, his is first wife reported that he had a violent history, beating her regularly. Yet Trump is thrusting this situation into the limelight, using it as ammunition to call for all Muslims to wear identification. This despicable man who could well and truly be running America soon does not recognise this tragedy for what it is, an extremely unstable and violent man who never had the courage or support to accept who he really was.

In light of these events, some beautiful things have taken place. First, Muslims broke Ramadan to honour those fallen victims. In the face of such an awful tragedy they demonstrated solidarity and unity. In Orlando a couple hundred Muslims donated blood for the survivors of the massacre. Here, across England, thousands came together in most major cities to honour the 49 lives lost. A vigil also took place in Soho, London. On Monday night, thousands of people, including the Mayor of London, held a moment of silence in respect of those lost, before singing and dancing in the streets. It was a truly stunning sight, and something I wished I had been able to be a part of. 

(source: Attitude Magazine)
Most recently, Prince William, future King of England, met with Attitude, gracing the cover of the LGBT magazine. In his interview he told the readers, "No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason and no one should have to put up with the kind of hate these young people have endured in their lives."

I suppose what I hope we as beings can learn from this is that this situation would not have happened if it weren't for two major factors, 1- if America enforced gun control and 2- if there was more support and acceptance for LGBT individuals.

This awful, awful event cannot be undone, but it can be a lesson. The victims of this massacre should not die in vain.

D x
(Source; Time Out)



Feeling Mellow

You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself - Glinda, the Wizard of Oz

Good morning sunshines,

The days are longer and for the most part warmer too. I wrote this awesome post about all the things I used on my hair and skin on holiday and lost the whole thing with all the photos on so I was bummed out, but I am happy again because it's officially 6 weeks until I leave my job and 10 weeks until I am half way around the world.. YAY!

I have been getting in the summer spirit, partly thanks to Turkey, and this little number from Urban Outfitters sure does hit the spot. I love a bit of colour coordinating, and these yellow sunnies quickly developed into a yellow theme. Shame I work upteen hours or I would have painted my nails the same colour!

I am so excited about having the time in life to do my blog, travel, learn, read, make music again.. Plus I am looking forward to a life where bikinis are my go to outfit. I cannot find the words to describe how absolutely eager I am to get on that plane! 

PS: I decided show you all my tiger stripes/ stretch marks behind my knees, because they're cool and make me real individual, like. 

Stripe Swing Dress from Urban Outfitters
Yellow Bag from Accessorize on sale now
Black Sandals from Urban Outfitters on sale now
Yellow Sunglasses from River Island, similar found at Asos on sale now



Wicked Women Wednesdays: You are Beautiful

I have been having such a wonderful time in Turkey, I will post about my favourite holiday products this weekend for sure! But for now I had to write a belated WWW post for you all about something that has become rather apparent over the duration of my holiday. 

I have come and traveled to this beautiful part of Turkey with my partner's family. Here, we have had the luxury of hot weather, mild nights and both a luxurious pool and brilliant beaches for us to explore. We have all been equally excited about the prospect of travelling to this rich part of the country, ready to spend our days and nights immersing ourselves in all the new experiences on offer. 

Such a brilliant group of lovely men and women, I quite forget that when it comes to stripping down, people have insecurities. Here we are, routinely comparing lumps and bumps and stripes and what not. People, ready to enjoy what life presents, completely blinded by what society deems attractive that they cannot see their beauty. We, as a race, subject ourselves to such ridiculous standards that often it is hard to find self appreciation. 

When I approach this subject I am often met with comparison. I am so lucky in this life, I have a wonderful mother who taught me that I am beautiful no matter what, and that I should never be ashamed of my amazing body that allows me to be here today. She told me to ignore how boyish my boobs made me feel. She told me to shrug away how goofy I felt my teeth were. She insisted that my spots and scars were nothing but normal. 

I realised a few years back, perhaps due to my crippling shyness about my 'failure' to fill out a bikini or any other blemish I deemed unattractive, that I was not the only one. You know how, as a woman in the 21st century, we are all coaxed into judging and rating other women by their visual appearance? Magazines constantly compare and batter women for their image, rating them and slating them for cruel entertainment. Well, I was sitting on the beach in my teens and as I felt myself putting my appearance on the fire, picking apart each minuscule detail and comparing them to the women around, when it finally dawned on me.. are they doing the same? 

After deciding to deliver a few compliments to the ladies I had been admiring and shamefully comparing myself with, I had made a wonderful discovery. These women were doing the same thing as me! 

What I am trying to say is, you are beautiful. There is no point denying things, you may have no boobs, ugly feet, big stretch marks, be overweight.. you may be any of these things and a hundred things more. This does not define your beauty! To allow it to hinder the enjoyment of your life is only affecting you. No one cares, for the simple fact that they are too busy thinking the exact same thing about themselves!

You are beautiful. Your body provides you with the most important thing; to live, to love, to be. Nothing else matters, truly. The most beautiful thing you can be is alive and happy. To leave an impression on this world and to enjoy each day as best you can. 

What do you think lovelies? Please do drop me a comment or a  message. As always, thank you for reading. 

Until next time,
D x

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