Feeling Mellow

You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself - Glinda, the Wizard of Oz

Good morning sunshines,

The days are longer and for the most part warmer too. I wrote this awesome post about all the things I used on my hair and skin on holiday and lost the whole thing with all the photos on so I was bummed out, but I am happy again because it's officially 6 weeks until I leave my job and 10 weeks until I am half way around the world.. YAY!

I have been getting in the summer spirit, partly thanks to Turkey, and this little number from Urban Outfitters sure does hit the spot. I love a bit of colour coordinating, and these yellow sunnies quickly developed into a yellow theme. Shame I work upteen hours or I would have painted my nails the same colour!

I am so excited about having the time in life to do my blog, travel, learn, read, make music again.. Plus I am looking forward to a life where bikinis are my go to outfit. I cannot find the words to describe how absolutely eager I am to get on that plane! 

PS: I decided show you all my tiger stripes/ stretch marks behind my knees, because they're cool and make me real individual, like. 

Stripe Swing Dress from Urban Outfitters
Yellow Bag from Accessorize on sale now
Black Sandals from Urban Outfitters on sale now
Yellow Sunglasses from River Island, similar found at Asos on sale now

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