Wicked Women Wednesdays: You are Beautiful

I have been having such a wonderful time in Turkey, I will post about my favourite holiday products this weekend for sure! But for now I had to write a belated WWW post for you all about something that has become rather apparent over the duration of my holiday. 

I have come and traveled to this beautiful part of Turkey with my partner's family. Here, we have had the luxury of hot weather, mild nights and both a luxurious pool and brilliant beaches for us to explore. We have all been equally excited about the prospect of travelling to this rich part of the country, ready to spend our days and nights immersing ourselves in all the new experiences on offer. 

Such a brilliant group of lovely men and women, I quite forget that when it comes to stripping down, people have insecurities. Here we are, routinely comparing lumps and bumps and stripes and what not. People, ready to enjoy what life presents, completely blinded by what society deems attractive that they cannot see their beauty. We, as a race, subject ourselves to such ridiculous standards that often it is hard to find self appreciation. 

When I approach this subject I am often met with comparison. I am so lucky in this life, I have a wonderful mother who taught me that I am beautiful no matter what, and that I should never be ashamed of my amazing body that allows me to be here today. She told me to ignore how boyish my boobs made me feel. She told me to shrug away how goofy I felt my teeth were. She insisted that my spots and scars were nothing but normal. 

I realised a few years back, perhaps due to my crippling shyness about my 'failure' to fill out a bikini or any other blemish I deemed unattractive, that I was not the only one. You know how, as a woman in the 21st century, we are all coaxed into judging and rating other women by their visual appearance? Magazines constantly compare and batter women for their image, rating them and slating them for cruel entertainment. Well, I was sitting on the beach in my teens and as I felt myself putting my appearance on the fire, picking apart each minuscule detail and comparing them to the women around, when it finally dawned on me.. are they doing the same? 

After deciding to deliver a few compliments to the ladies I had been admiring and shamefully comparing myself with, I had made a wonderful discovery. These women were doing the same thing as me! 

What I am trying to say is, you are beautiful. There is no point denying things, you may have no boobs, ugly feet, big stretch marks, be overweight.. you may be any of these things and a hundred things more. This does not define your beauty! To allow it to hinder the enjoyment of your life is only affecting you. No one cares, for the simple fact that they are too busy thinking the exact same thing about themselves!

You are beautiful. Your body provides you with the most important thing; to live, to love, to be. Nothing else matters, truly. The most beautiful thing you can be is alive and happy. To leave an impression on this world and to enjoy each day as best you can. 

What do you think lovelies? Please do drop me a comment or a  message. As always, thank you for reading. 

Until next time,
D x

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