Travelling Through

The other day I went to an absolutely wonderful travel book shop called Travelling Through in search of some aussie reading.

What I found was much more enriching; this wonderful little space is a safe haven!  With the downstairs Cafe,  the little garden terrace and the brilliant staff,  I really felt like I had walked through the wardrobe and into Narnia.

It's places like these that keep dreams alive.  The owner had the idea for years to create this portal for like minded wandering souls; her career prior to the bookstore often sent to other countries. She created a bookstore that offers fact and fiction from across the world, while serving brilliant drinks and snacks and promoting artists from around the world.

The little shop was so inspiring. It's wonderful that somebody created this place for people to learn, grow and immerse themselves in another world. It is definitely one of London's hidden gems. I think it's truly brilliant that someone has created something so positive. I wish I had found them earlier so that I could have attended one of their cultural events.

I move to Australia in under four weeks now, and to say I am excited is the biggest understatement. If you have any tips or dream destinations you think I should know about, please do get in touch!!

Pink Silk Shirt from Reiss similar from Asos
Pleat Culottes from Topshop similar from Asos 
Silver Backpack from Topshop
Silver heels from Asos, similar from BooHoo

Photographer: the wonderful Detune Photography, I will miss this guy dearly for all he's done.
Bookstore: Travelling Through, Waterloo
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