I Apologise

I apologise. I apologise because I stopped blogging for the longest while. If you know me you know that I recently flew half way across the world to Australia. Now I find myself in Brisbane, a home away from home with the most wonderful atmosphere. The art, the culture, the nightlife.. it's quite brilliant here.

I have also been enjoying the absolutely amazing boutiques and music vibe of Brisbane. There is so much creativity. Every building is covered with art, every corner you can hear someone singing.

So yes, I have been quiet for a couple of months. Now that I finally have the time, I can actually focus on the things that really matter to me, such as styling, music and enjoying art.

There is so much going on in the world right now too, and I want to make sure I get back on this blog so we can freely discuss the events. Things such as #misogynoir or burkini-gate. These are massive movements right now in the world of feminism that need to be recognised, they need to be discussed, and they need to be heard.

Thank you for your patience beauties. I do strongly appreciate it!

D x

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