WWW: Music and the LGBTQ Community

I am absolutely in love with some music videos on the scene recently.

Over the past few years, gender fluidity and sexuality has been explored more than ever before. Being able to actively express yourself is something I am very passionate about; I think it's important to display support of equality and diversity for all. Something that particularly tugs at my heart strings is the amount of same sex love that has been displayed in these fucking awesome music videos.

The LGBTQ community are constantly going from strength to strength, having their rights recognised and their voices heard. In 2001 the Netherlands became the first country to legalise same sex marraige. now 20 more countries have followed suit over the more recent years. Although it is so sad that there is still a lot of stigma towards same sex relationships and gender fluidity, its brilliant to witness how the support and acceptance of LGBTQ community is constantly growing and becoming more normalised.

I'll share with you with these three babes. I hope this is a trend that keeps on growing so it may continue to 'normalize' the most normal thing on earth, love.

Mura Masa - What if I Go?

This video is the sweetest darned thing, the couples are adorbs and I just love how cute and in love they all are. I appreciate the song too, it's a brilliant track. This is not the first time that Mura Masa's music has championed LGBTQ love, with other videos via Youtube page Wonderful Tunes also creating an awesome video demonstrating that love comes in many forms.

Troye Sivan ft Alessia Cara - Wild

This awesome video about love and relationships demonstrates the tender first moments, got me gooey! Openly gay Youtube sensation Troye Sivan uses his platform to positively reinforce and normalize LBGTQ relationships in mainstream media. His original video for the song Wild also depicted a homosexual couple in the battle of love, and this video for his new collaboration is equally awesome. The video's last scene caused a twitter hashtag trend with people in support saying #KeepOnKissing

Years & Years ft Tove Lo - Desire

Years & Years front singer released this video with a long statement explaining how this video came about, saying that "the majority of male musicians. whos Type A macho masculinity felt completely unrelatable. He then on to comment the way women are normally portrayed in music videos, adding that "I wanted to be sensual and seductive in my videos."

The creative industry is so powerful, especially in a world where most cultures rely so heavily on the use of social media. These displays of support for equality for all can reach further than ever before,

I hope these songs, videos and artists have made your day the way they made mine. If you know any more music videos that I should go watch, please send us a message or write a lovely comment.
D x
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