K'gari, I love you.

Australia has so far been absolutely wonderful. The trees, the eternal sunshine, the wildlife... what is not to love?

I have been so inspired, after such a long time of playing 'grown up', I can finally find  beauty in even the smallest things. Such a privilege.

After spending 6 weeks in the most awesome city that is Brisbane, I decided to travel north along the eastern coast to a place called Rainbow beach.

There you'll find a popular hostel called dingos, which hosts the most awesome trips to Fraser Island. It's an immersive three day tour of some of the islands most iconic sites, including McEnzie Lake, Indian Head and Eli Creek.

The one thing I found absolutely wonderful was the history and culture that we were presented with each day.

Fraser Island was formally called K'gari by the indigenous Butchella people that still reside there (Historians have found proof that the tribe survived there up to 5000 years ago before the European settlers came in the 1840's).The history of the island before the European invasion is rich and plentiful, hopeful and honourable.

On K'gari (meaning paradise) three lores of the indigenous people are followed:

What's good for the land comes first.
Do not take or touch anything that does not belong to you.
If you have plenty you must share.

At night we got to go exploring at the waters edge, where we saw beautiful glow worms in the sand. On our many rides we boomed out wicked summer music (courtesy of Alex, my fella) and look out to the ocean to watch the whales dance as they migrate. We even got to go up to Indian Head (where the Butchella Tribe were first seen looking out to sea) and watch the sharks, turtles, sting ray and dolphins below.

Fraser Island/ K'gari is definitely one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and well worth a visit. No wonder this place is on the Australian Natural Heritage List. With over 100 freshwater lakes, sand deserts, an iconic shipwreck and absolutely stunning wildlife, I genuinely think you could never run out of things to discover. Plus, the Island now belongs once again to the Butchella people. In addition, the Aussies who know the island well are convinced that like other Australian landmarks before it, Fraser Islands name will be reverted.

At night, we got to sit around a campfire drinking, playing games and dancing. One of our group brought a guitar to sing along too. Dingos also provided food for us to cook as a group.

Our tour guides, Jonesy and his kid nephew Dominic were absolutely awesome. Although I still can't tell if Jonesy was off his face or just loving life, his cheeky and laid back attitude absolutely made the trip.

If you're considering going, what are you waiting for? If you can drive then go rent a four wheel drive NOW! Otherwise book with Dingos for the best experience of your life.

Until we meet again K'gari,

D x

S.S Maheno Shipwreck

The Pinnacles

Our awesome car from our Dingos booked Trip

The Butchella People in traditional body art after an awesome performance

Whale Bones, they were MASSIVE!
Getting shotgun on a sunset beautiful beach drive

The whole group from the Dingos Tour.
Me and the babe where Eli Creek meets the Ocean

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